London by the sea.



A trip to Brighton is always something to look forward too. The mixture of independent shops with a varied and colourful population makes this city unique. No wonder it’s called London by the sea. Today’s trip was a feast of cosmetic pleasure.  First stop was Infinity foods in the North Laines, an organic supermarket which sells everything from breads to cosmetics. As soon as I saw the offer as I entered  the shop my eyes lit up. Weleda is a Germany based company which makes  products  from carefully selected natural products, free  synthetic fragrances and colours.The cellulite oil is praised for its ability to smooth the skin and leaving it firmer. The Weleda goodie bag on special offer for the  birch cellulite oil,  birch body scrub (an amazing smell of birch and peppermint) and a free massage brush for £23.50. As the cellulite oil is £19.99 and the body scrub is £9.99 on their own this was a no brainer for me or I should say for my man! Thank you!!

A quick walk to the Lanes led me to L’Occitane, where a summer sale was taking place. This is one of my favourite shops. The delight in entering the shop never ceases to make me smile. I first bought a small gift bag of the their products in Tunbridge Wells and I’ve been a fan ever since. It was founded by Olivier Baussan who ,inspired by his childhood in Provence, started to make products using natural oils. The name of L’Occitane was chosen as this was the ancient province which covered the south of France, north eastern Spain and northern Italy.

Today’s  buys were a duo coral quadrille eye shadow pallet and a rouge a levres lipstick. The satin eyeshadows are a peachy colour and a dirty,dark green. The Lipstick is a light peony , an idea summer colour. I have never bought their cosmetics before so I will update later what I think about them.


Living in Eastbourne and being fairly close to Brighton, Every time I visit I have to go to MAC. This is true heaven for me and it seems it is for the women of Brighton!  It is always full.  The girls in the shop seem to have most of MAC’s products on their faces at the same time! Way too much make up. Less is best is not a MAC by-word. I bought my favourite foundation(£22.50), the mineralize satin finish SPF15(NW20) This creamy texture blends in well into my skin with a slight shimmer on it. One thing I did found out was that if you save empty 6 bottles you can exchange in store for a lipstick of your choice. Cool! As I have a small collection of MAC brushes, I also purchased a bottle of their brush cleanser (£8.50) which I will be cleaning shortly.

 A few non- cosmetic items I bought included the Brighton Japan material bag for £2, a couple of pattern glass cases at £4.99 each and a 99p pen shaped like a rose! Pretty,eh?

I hope you enjoyed today’s Brighton blog. What have been your latest beauty buys?

R xx

Buys of the week.

Hi Everybody,


Just a quick post on my purchases for the week. First up is my visit to Superdrug, the rival to Boots on the British high street. Superdrug tend to attract women on tighter budgets. No Lancome or Clarins here! Good budget make up is the by word here. They had buy 2 items and get the third item free offer. My favourite deal!


First up is MUA products where I bought Lip Boom which is a lipstick at one end and a lip gloss on the other end. A perfect item when you don’t want to carry both if you’re carrying a small bag. It’s a matt finish lipstick with a very sparkling lip gloss. Second item was a turquoise eye liner pencil which keeps good colour for 6 hours. The third item was a mosaic blush compact with a summery highlight finish. Not a  bad haul for £7-00!

MUA Mosaic Blush English Rose and MUA Turquoise Eye Liner Pencil


 TJ Hughes is a bargain based company where cheap rubbish meets occasional quality! Having a good look around the make up department, I came across L’Oreal chrome intensity eye shadows sitting amongst the rubbish. Oh I need these I thought! Lovely bright chrome colours. See photos below for the colours. £1-99 each so I bought one each of them. My hand slipped and I picked a NYC eye pallete for brown eyes! good colour with a primer and illuminator as well. A good everyday pallete which I have been surprised by how good it is.


Left to Right: L’OREAL Timeless Green,Purple Obsession, Blue Jean,Aquadisiac and Cacao Mania
Front: NYC 938 Union Square Individual Eyes Pallet

NYC Eye Pallet Colours

L’OREAL eye shadows

Hope you liked this quick trip to make up bargain world, it’s worth having a look as you may be surprised what you can find there.

 R xx


Beyonce Pulse Summer Edition.


This is a short review of Beyonce’s latest perfume creation.  I enjoy her music but when it was announced that she was creating a perfume, while as people know I love perfumes it was a must buy! Her first perfume, Heat released in 2010 is a warm, fruity, perfume. It lasts all day and I wear it a couple of times a week.


Her newest perfume is a summer edition of her latest creation Pulse. I don’t have Pulse (an oversight from my man) so this perfume was a certain purchase. The first thing to note is the design of the bottle. The pretty turquoise and pink bottle features an inverted chrome cap that is apparently inspired by Beyoncé’s stage costumes.

 When first applied I feel a sweetness of pears and a freshness to it which is also light and not at all heavy. The drying part changes to a jasmine and orange blossom tone which remains sweet but not overpowering so. It dries down to a fresh floral experience and the fruitiness from the oranges and pear still lingering on. This perfume smells of summer days, pretty floral dresses and high heels with a gorgeous man on your arm.

What is your summer perfume?

R xx

London Trip

I don’t travel to London often but if you do you want to see everything it has to offer! London has everything a girl should have, so the opportunity to have a day off from work meant to a trip to the Capital. My first port of call was to visit the flagship store of Liz Earle in fashionable Chelsea.


The  store is a true delight. A double fronted store with a simple but effective window display.  The inside has a lovely spacious feel with displays against the walls divided into sections for make-up, skincare and a section for the gentlemen.  At the back of the shop was a small library which was made up of Liz Earle’s and books which have inspired her. Underneath the store was a treatment which alas, I didn’t use!  One of the great ideas from Liz Earle is the travel size packages which allow you to try a little bit of everything. I purchased the skin-savers kit (£17.50) ,which like all her products are organic and not animal tested.

The staff were polite and courteous. Having purchased the kit, I was offered the loyalty card and as it was my first visit I was given the choice of a freebie! I choose the skin tonic and like all the products I purchased it has not disappointed. The creams are very rich not greasy and absorb into the skin very well. The skin tonic spritzer is a favourite already, with a heavenly floral scented tone that refreshes the skin. The full size will be next on my shopping list!



I hate downsides to a day, but I have to mention the opposite I faced when visiting Space NK in the Kings Road. 4 members of staff talking amongst themselves and ignoring a customer. I walked out, realizing why the shop was empty. Not a good advert for Space NK.

As I said before, the blog will be about other things that delight me. One shop in the Kings Road did this and it’s called Anthropologie. You ever visit a better designed shop please let me know! As you see below it is a haven for ideas and imagination. I just love the design of this shop, so clever and different to the rest of retail which we see every day. This shop is a feast for the eyes.  I do love my hand creams and my man bought me a citrus bergamot hand cream from Castelbel of Porto (£10). A beautifully scented cream with a strong rich smell. It quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves the hands soft.






Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your latest beauty buys as I would love to hear from you.

R xx

Perfume Girl Speaks!


Welcome to my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog about perfumes, beauty and everything a girl enjoys!

When I was living in Latvia and I walked into the Kolonna shop (similar to Boots) the first thing I did was to walk into the Perfume section and smell everything! The feeling of Perfume on your skin was amazing and even then I wanted all of it! Sometimes my Mother would allow me a quick spray of her favourite Gucci and that made the happiest girl in the world. My older sister when visiting us brought me my first Escada eau de toilette, this was enough to make Escada my favourite smell.

The above photo is my modest collection which I can guarantee will expand over time! My collection is dominated by Escada, but includes Nina Ricci, Marc Jacobs, Lancome Midnight Rose and Givenchy.  The newest perfume to the collection is the Beyonce Pulse summer edition, a review of which will come shortly.

Let me now what your favourite perfumes are as I would love to hear from everybody.

R xx