Perfume Girl Speaks!


Welcome to my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog about perfumes, beauty and everything a girl enjoys!

When I was living in Latvia and I walked into the Kolonna shop (similar to Boots) the first thing I did was to walk into the Perfume section and smell everything! The feeling of Perfume on your skin was amazing and even then I wanted all of it! Sometimes my Mother would allow me a quick spray of her favourite Gucci and that made the happiest girl in the world. My older sister when visiting us brought me my first Escada eau de toilette, this was enough to make Escada my favourite smell.

The above photo is my modest collection which I can guarantee will expand over time! My collection is dominated by Escada, but includes Nina Ricci, Marc Jacobs, Lancome Midnight Rose and Givenchy.  The newest perfume to the collection is the Beyonce Pulse summer edition, a review of which will come shortly.

Let me now what your favourite perfumes are as I would love to hear from everybody.

R xx


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