London by the sea.



A trip to Brighton is always something to look forward too. The mixture of independent shops with a varied and colourful population makes this city unique. No wonder it’s called London by the sea. Today’s trip was a feast of cosmetic pleasure.  First stop was Infinity foods in the North Laines, an organic supermarket which sells everything from breads to cosmetics. As soon as I saw the offer as I entered  the shop my eyes lit up. Weleda is a Germany based company which makes  products  from carefully selected natural products, free  synthetic fragrances and colours.The cellulite oil is praised for its ability to smooth the skin and leaving it firmer. The Weleda goodie bag on special offer for the  birch cellulite oil,  birch body scrub (an amazing smell of birch and peppermint) and a free massage brush for £23.50. As the cellulite oil is £19.99 and the body scrub is £9.99 on their own this was a no brainer for me or I should say for my man! Thank you!!

A quick walk to the Lanes led me to L’Occitane, where a summer sale was taking place. This is one of my favourite shops. The delight in entering the shop never ceases to make me smile. I first bought a small gift bag of the their products in Tunbridge Wells and I’ve been a fan ever since. It was founded by Olivier Baussan who ,inspired by his childhood in Provence, started to make products using natural oils. The name of L’Occitane was chosen as this was the ancient province which covered the south of France, north eastern Spain and northern Italy.

Today’s  buys were a duo coral quadrille eye shadow pallet and a rouge a levres lipstick. The satin eyeshadows are a peachy colour and a dirty,dark green. The Lipstick is a light peony , an idea summer colour. I have never bought their cosmetics before so I will update later what I think about them.


Living in Eastbourne and being fairly close to Brighton, Every time I visit I have to go to MAC. This is true heaven for me and it seems it is for the women of Brighton!  It is always full.  The girls in the shop seem to have most of MAC’s products on their faces at the same time! Way too much make up. Less is best is not a MAC by-word. I bought my favourite foundation(£22.50), the mineralize satin finish SPF15(NW20) This creamy texture blends in well into my skin with a slight shimmer on it. One thing I did found out was that if you save empty 6 bottles you can exchange in store for a lipstick of your choice. Cool! As I have a small collection of MAC brushes, I also purchased a bottle of their brush cleanser (£8.50) which I will be cleaning shortly.

 A few non- cosmetic items I bought included the Brighton Japan material bag for £2, a couple of pattern glass cases at £4.99 each and a 99p pen shaped like a rose! Pretty,eh?

I hope you enjoyed today’s Brighton blog. What have been your latest beauty buys?

R xx


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