How not be a lobster!


If we ever get a summer here in the UK, protection from the sun is vital. After all, summer is about bikinis and beaches and not looking like a lobster! Living in the UK has shown me that the British, when the sun comes out, can’t wait to remove their clothes and forgot about sun care. Hence the lobster look as I call it. One serious fact to consider is that the skin cancer and melanoma rates around the world has skyrocketed in the last decade at an alarming rate Lines, dark spots and uneven skin texture are NOT the inevitable effects of ageing but the result of too much sun. The  The sun from 10am and 3pm is at it’s most strongest, a few simple things to remember when enjoying the sun is vital. Use SPF cream with a factor of at least 30 is recommended for use during the summer. Secondly, use a hat. The number of people who don’t wear one never ceases to amaze me. Thirdly, sunglasses are not just a fashion item but essential to protect yourself. Use Sunglasses with 100% UV protection and the bigger the better! 


What should you do if you do burn? Here’s a few tips. Aloe Vera cream or gel placed on the burnt places on the body calms the skin down. Sea Buckthorn oil or cream is a superb product anyway for the skin but if you burn you can be 100% sure that it will help.  When working in Latvia in our garden I made the mistake of being burnt on a bright day. I quickly went on the internet and find out that a towel soaked in cold water and placed on the skin was recommended to help the skin. I then used a cream by Dzintars which consisted of aloe vera, cocoa butter and sea buckthorn oil and this was a tremendous help. The pain was unbearable and I couldn’t sleep and the whole experience taught me a lesson about the dangers of the sun. A week later friends asked how did I get such a wonderful tan! It wasn’t wonderful to get it!!


my go to suncreams 🙂


Here’s a final warning on the dangers of too much sun.




What are you recommendations/tips for keeping yourself safe in the sun?

 R xx 





2 thoughts on “How not be a lobster!

  1. So, i know that the sun is very danger, but for example my skyn is litle bit brown and i dont need so much care, just in bignning of summer. Recomend to drink a lot of water and go to the sun before the strongest hours. I dont really care so much, and for sure in portugal is warm than UK right now maybe 35º. Bu I understand you.. use always protection (i am not good example).


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