Leighton Denny Nail Polish

Hi Everybody,

A review of the nail polishes by Leighton Denny which I have been using recently. Leighton Denny is one of Britain’s leading nail technicians and 4-times winner of Nail Technician of the year. Through his knowledge he has developed his own nail product range. As the man says himself ” I am passionate about nails and know how vital it is they looked groomed in today’s society. I developed my own range to share my expertise so you can have the confidence that comes from knowing your hands, feet and nails are beautiful and healthy”.

I have only 3 colours in his range and I wish I had more!   Plush Pink, Viva la Diva and Crushed Grape.

Plush pink is a vibrant, hot pink perfect for the summer. It dries very quickly with a shiny gloss to it. I only had to apply one coat as it is so thick! The colour stays true and doesn’t chip at all, if course you have applied base coat and a top coat.

Viva La Diva is a bright red with a hint of coral. Again it dries very quickly with a top coat by( I use Mavala Mavadry). This is again a perfect summer colour or going out for the evening for a sexy night out with the little black dress on!

The last one I use is the Crushed Grape. This is a superb colour as it is creamy, thick and glossy. Like the others one coat is enough and it is a real wow factor of colour. Love, love is all I can say about this one and this will be great for the autumn.

I only have 3 colours from his range but none have disappointed, £12 may be expensive for nail polish but these are quality and as we all know ladies, quality never comes cheap. As the back of the bottles state, high performance nail colour, easy to apply, long lasting and chip resistant. Mr Denny, correct on all counts!

What are you favourite nail polishes and colours? Let me know I love to hear from you all.




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