Silver Smokin eye makeup.

Hi Everybody,

I created a silver smokin eye look on my model. Hope you like it!










Products used:

1) Primer-The Body Shop Pearl Radiance

2) Foundation- Rimmel Wake Me Up

3)  Foundation Brush- MAC 190

4) Brows- Eylure Shape& Shade brow palette

5) Eye pencil -Lancome Le Crayon Khol Noir black

6) Eye shadows – Costal Scents 88ultra shimmer palette colour silver and black

7) Brush- No 7 eye colour , MAC 239

8) Mascara – Loreal False lash telescopic

9) Cheeks and lips – Victoria Secret ultimate makeup kit

10) Brushes- MAC 168, MAC 316








Marc Jacobs Lola.



The Marc Jacobs range of perfumes has always interested me.  The bottles with the flamboyant  design and that sweet scent has always lured me when I have visited perfume departments.  I remember my elder sister, Rada, buying ‘Daisy ‘and spraying a small amount on me. WOW, that gorgeous floral smell instantly made it a favourite.

This review is about Lola Velvet limited edition perfume. This only differs from the normal edition as this has the velvet flowers rather than the plastic ones as part of the decoration on the top of the bottle, the perfume is the same.

Like all Marc Jacobs perfumes, you have to start on the bottle. The design is so outrageous, it is a real look at me bottle and so distinctive with the large roses.

 Lola with the first spray opens in a very loud way, with pink pepper and lots of pears and a sharp touch of grapefruit. The drying time turns it into a real floral scent with creamy and delicate hints of vanilla, fuchsia peony, rose and geranium. The main character of this fragrance like Daisy is floral, but with Lola it is even more of a floral experience. The drying time is warmer, deeper, muskier and sweeter. The scent is very pleasant though to me, very flowery and sensual. Some may think that it is too floral but I like it, this perfume is girly and sexy. Just like me!

This isn’t an everyday perfume for me but an occasional one but I know I will never tire of it. Now must persuade my man to buy me the new Marc Jacobs ‘Dot’ perfume….








Bargain buys from Warehouse

Hi Everybody,

I am no different to all women out there when it comes to sales. I love them! The trouble is when you go them you often find that the clothes are either too big for you (size 14 upwards) or just rubbish. One high street store I do visit often is Warehouse.  They don’t cater for the teenage market like Topshop, who encourage girls to be skinny with their range of clothes. Warehouse bring a  sexy, pretty and feminine touch to the high street. Their clothes are not for skinny wannabe models but those of us who have lovely curves, short legs and a bigger bum!

I sniffed around the Warehouse concession in Debenhams and picked up a few bits for the summer and the approaching autumn. First up is a floral top, a simple red cardigan, a lovely pink lacey top and a fish scale-type jumper.  I bought a really nice variety of clothes that can be worn at anytime for what the fish scale jumper cost on it’s own! I do love summer sales!!

What are your favourite stores and your favourite bargain piece that you wear again and again? I love to hear from you.

From a very warm Eastbourne, bye for now.

R xx

Three of my favourite beauty books.

Hi Everybody,

Apart from buying and using beauty products, I find it important to read beauty books that will inspire me for new ideas and learn new things. This post will be about the three beauty books which I always go back to read.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

This book gives a really good introduction to the great lady’s ideas and techniques of  skincare and makeup. It also gives the budding makeup artist help on how to develop a portfolio. This book gives clear, precise advice on how to look after your skin and how to apply makeup in a correct and professional manner.This is a real help on wanting to understand different techniques on applying make up. I find the photographs easy to understand and this book can be a real help to a beginner and a pro. I would also recommend this book to a young teenager who’s just starting to get interested in make up.

Rae Morris Makeup: The Ultimate Guide.

If somebody asked me who is my all time favourite makeup artist, it would be this Australian lady. She is the best! This book is for the woman who is not nervous in trying different techniques of applying makeup. The makeup looks are not fashion fads but are timeless looks, but also to look glamorous and sexy! The photographs and the writing are clear and easy to understand and the great thing is that she uses the same techniques herself.  Every woman should own this book and I really want her own range of brushes!!

Jemma Kidd Make-up Masterclass.

Jemma Kidd is a British makeup artist and this book is about all that she has learnt since founding her own makeup school in 2003. I feel this book really compliments the Bobbi Brown book very well.  It has easy to recreate looks and a great overview of skincare, beauty advice and techniques whatever your age or lifestyle. The writing and photography are brilliant and she gives great tricks of the trade, just like Rae Morris. She has own make up range and brushes and I look forward to buying her new book.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know your favourite beauty books?




Buys of the week!


Everybody likes to do shopping and I’m no different! Before I go to work, I have a quick look around my favourite high street shop, Boots. I can spend all day there, looking and testing the new cosmetics or perfumes.

I tried the new Dove shampoo and conditioner as I like their deodorants and hand wash. This has not disappointed as it gives a lovely soft shine to my hair, it also smells divine! I can smell pineapples, mango and peaches.

One of the things I do buy on a regular basis are body scrubs. I like to try the different body scrubs on the market, I tried Garnier body tonic sugar scrubs before and I do recommend them as they leave the skin very smooth without the need of putting lotions on.

17 products are a cheaper range that you buy in Boots but the quality is actually very good. I bought the instant glow pink bronzer and it looks like small rocks but gives a really nice colour to the cheekbones, I like this.

St Ives apricot scrub is a 100% natural exfolitant. It really has a wonderful smell and it gives the skin a gentle exfoliation to remove surface cells and leaves a smooth feel. This is a great product  and I will use this again and again.

I have bought Sanctuary products before but their cleansing oil was new to me. WOW, what a lovely oil as it really moisturizes and purifies the skin.

I also bought the new Revlon Just Bitten kissable balm stain. I bought rendezvous which is a light orange in colour and smells of peppermint. It has stayed on the lips for a long time and I want all of the range!

I also love looking at Avon catalogues and I do often buy a few things when I get to see a catalogue. I tend to buy their foot products as I have bought a few of their lipsticks but I have find them disappointing as the colours never seem to be anything like what I ordered! This time I bought Planet Spa Dead Sea mineral mud mask which I have find to be quite good and give a nice glow to the skin. I will try this again. I also bought a Dead Sea mineral but I haven’t tried this yet. I also tried a daily hair refresher with raspberry and hibiscus as I do love hair to smell nice, especially in the summer! As I’m a sucker for cotton bags I bought an Avon one!

What have been your buys of the week? Drop me a line as I love to hear from everybody.