Bargain buys from Warehouse

Hi Everybody,

I am no different to all women out there when it comes to sales. I love them! The trouble is when you go them you often find that the clothes are either too big for you (size 14 upwards) or just rubbish. One high street store I do visit often is Warehouse.  They don’t cater for the teenage market like Topshop, who encourage girls to be skinny with their range of clothes. Warehouse bring a  sexy, pretty and feminine touch to the high street. Their clothes are not for skinny wannabe models but those of us who have lovely curves, short legs and a bigger bum!

I sniffed around the Warehouse concession in Debenhams and picked up a few bits for the summer and the approaching autumn. First up is a floral top, a simple red cardigan, a lovely pink lacey top and a fish scale-type jumper.  I bought a really nice variety of clothes that can be worn at anytime for what the fish scale jumper cost on it’s own! I do love summer sales!!

What are your favourite stores and your favourite bargain piece that you wear again and again? I love to hear from you.

From a very warm Eastbourne, bye for now.

R xx

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