Marc Jacobs Lola.



The Marc Jacobs range of perfumes has always interested me.  The bottles with the flamboyant  design and that sweet scent has always lured me when I have visited perfume departments.  I remember my elder sister, Rada, buying ‘Daisy ‘and spraying a small amount on me. WOW, that gorgeous floral smell instantly made it a favourite.

This review is about Lola Velvet limited edition perfume. This only differs from the normal edition as this has the velvet flowers rather than the plastic ones as part of the decoration on the top of the bottle, the perfume is the same.

Like all Marc Jacobs perfumes, you have to start on the bottle. The design is so outrageous, it is a real look at me bottle and so distinctive with the large roses.

 Lola with the first spray opens in a very loud way, with pink pepper and lots of pears and a sharp touch of grapefruit. The drying time turns it into a real floral scent with creamy and delicate hints of vanilla, fuchsia peony, rose and geranium. The main character of this fragrance like Daisy is floral, but with Lola it is even more of a floral experience. The drying time is warmer, deeper, muskier and sweeter. The scent is very pleasant though to me, very flowery and sensual. Some may think that it is too floral but I like it, this perfume is girly and sexy. Just like me!

This isn’t an everyday perfume for me but an occasional one but I know I will never tire of it. Now must persuade my man to buy me the new Marc Jacobs ‘Dot’ perfume….









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