No 7 Foundation Match Made Service review.

Hi Everybody,

One of the most difficult things for a woman to achieve is to find the correct foundation for their skin.   I find choosing the correct foundation to cover the uneven tones on the skin to make the skin glowing and radiant is challenging. But now there is a new way to help us ladies thanks to Boots, the American company, X-rite and N0 7 creative director Lisa Eldridge.

Together they have developed a small hand held device which is made up of 8 led lights and 1 UV light. Each light enters the skin at a different angle and the cameras attached take 27 skin photographs with each click.  As shops have ambient light it doesn’t affect the readings.

Today I went to the Boots in Eastbourne to try this new device to match my skin tone to the correct foundation. Firstly they ask a few basic questions on your type of skin, what look you want to achieve and if you have any skin issues you want the foundation to address.  I have dry oily skin, I prefer a radiant and glowing complextion (no matt finish, as it makes my skin look flaky) and would like my foundation to hide the blemishes on my skin. The test takes a matter of a few minutes by placing the device on the jaw lines on both sides of the face. A reading produced 3 bars which was a successful match to the colour of Calico. So far so good I thought.

The consultant then applied foundation Instant Radiance to my skin which matched very well when I went outside into the natural light but the application of the foundation was poorly applied by her leaving my skin cakey and with visible brush strokes. My fiancée had to blend it himself with his fingers to tidy it up.

This could revolutionize the beauty industry with this new device and I cannot wait to see how the established brands will react to this new development. I have no doubt that they will try and produce their own devices to compete with N0 7’s. Looking at the other counters today and how empty they were compared to the busyness of the No 7 counter, I would think they will want it very soon!



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