Bye bye bright summer colours!!!


Hi Everybody,

Summer has gone, so it’s time to say goodbye (until next year of course) to dresses, sandals and bright nail polish. Autumn is upon us so darker, neutral shades will be the order of the day from now on. Here are my 3 favorites from the summer which I have been enjoying over the summer.

Love to hear from everybody about their favorite nail polishes.


Misguided Splash ‘Misslead’. This was a free gift when I bought Cosmopolitan magazine. I put on 2 coats as it gave a lovely, sparkle finish.

Revlon Scented Parfume ‘Orange Fizz’. This did need 2-3 coats to get the effect. It reminds me of the fizzy drink Fanta and when it dried it really did smell of oranges!

Avon Arabian Glow Nailwear Pro ‘Sunshine’. I love the colour but it required 2 coats as the brush left stroke marks.


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