Some of my favourite things – Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Make up Kit.

Hi Everybody,

This will be a new series of posts which I will explain some of my favourite beauty things that I have and why I love them.

It was July 2010 and my now fiancée and I were preparing to go home to Latvia and attend my eldest sister’s wedding. As we couldn’t get flights from Gatwick we had to fly out of Stansted in Essex. This was rather disappointing as Gatwick is close to us but I’m so glad we didn’t in the end!

Going through to our gates for our flight we were delighted by the shopping of Stansted! Bobbi Brown, MAC and the various, delightful perfume stands of the great companies. The one that caught my eye was the Victoria’s Secrets stand. This was before the shops in the new Stratford shopping centre and the flagship store in Bond Street. I had only seen them on the internet or in magazines so seeing them was a real wow!

It caught my eye immediately. Sitting open on display was the ultimate make up kit. The shiny, black case with VS in pink in the top right hand corner of the pallet. Here was the perfect size pallet with everything a woman needs in one simple, compact case. The only thing you could require to take with was extra brushes. The case consists of 3 stackable trays.

The top tray contain 30 eye shadows with colours ranging from your everyday neutrals to your smoky greens, blues and purples. The eye shadows are all semi-pigmented and on the shimmery side. A sliding side opening reveals the middle section of 5 lip glosses, 5 lip sticks, eye pencil, lip pencil, mascara and 5 mini brushes. The last section consists of 4 blushers, bronzer, luminous powder and a translucent powder. The range of colours is terrific and any look can be achieved. As you can see in the photos, the lip glosses have been used every day and so have the eye shadows. The brushes haven’t been touched but everything else has been used. The quality is superb, the eye shadows and the blushers have lovely pigmentation.  The price of this happiness was £25! One of the best beauty deals I have ever bought.

My one regret is that I should have bought 2 of the sets as I haven’t seen any more of these here in the UK (you could check on Ebay) and what will I do when it finishes?

I hope you enjoyed this and please let me know what are your favourite beauty things?




4 thoughts on “Some of my favourite things – Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Make up Kit.

    • Hi,
      Sorry not replying to you sooner, I need to see the nail condition to tell if you can put gel nails on. Any good nail therapists should tell you if it possible.
      Let me know what happened.
      All the best,


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