Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret review


Hi Everybody,

Today’s post  is about one of my all time favourite perfumes. This wasn’t my first expensive perfumes I bought( that honour goes to Nina Ricci’s) but after working hard and receiving my first real pay cheque I decided to treat myself. I went into Debenham’s in Eastbourne (This was before I discovered the wonderfulness of the Boots magic card!)and after looking around for awhile I found myself in the perfume section. I like sweet scent perfumes and I was drawn to this one like a bee is drawn to a rose garden!  A delightful floral scent was my first feeling to this perfume and the bottle is a thing of delight as well. The bottle is crystal shaped, almost like a teardrop with angled edges, just like a diamond. Le Secret starts with a burst of sweet, floral scent. I can feel jasmine, green tea and lots of peony. It settles to a warm feeling of ginger with a touch of woodiness. I know some people complain about the fact that it doesn’t last long but for me it lasts all day with only a couple of sprays.

This is a beautiful, refreshing, sophisticated and damn sexy perfume! I just adore it!! I have a tiny amount left but Christmas is coming…



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