Christmas Stocking Fillers.

Christmas Stocking Fillers_detail1

Hi everybody,

Christmas is nearly with us and I have looked around to find the best gift ideas for around £20. I expect your husbands, partners and boyfriends to have already bought the really BIG present but every woman should expect an extra present for the stocking! Here are a few ideas for what’s available on the high street.

Lancome Juicy Tubes lip gloss – Always great quality, lovely smell as well and as they are mini size, they a great present as the person can try each one and then decide what suits them.


Calvin Klein Flavoured lip gloss mini collection – These have a real shiny gloss to them but can be sticky. If you are kissing they do have a lovely sweet taste! Great for the handbag.


Benefit High Flyin gloss – I know more lip glosses, but these are just terrific. You can match the blushes to the lip glosses. These are a must have.


Body Shop Cranberry Joy Lip Balm and Spiced Vanilla lip Balm – Body shop always make great products and they’re Christmas gift range are wonderful and there is always something for everybody. These lip balms are great for winter time and as the weather here has been cold lately, I have found these to be great in keeping my lips dry free and kissable!


Body Shop Hand Cream Set – The hands can get so dry in the winter, I always keep my Body Shop hand cream with me. This little set is perfect as you have the choice of 3 different creams. This set has Wild Rose hand cream SPF15, Hemp hand protector and Almond hand and nail cream. A perfect little set and the person gets to try 3 different creams to suit their needs.


Body Shop Body Butter – A favourite range of mine. All smell great and all do a wonderful job in keeping your skin smooth and soft. A real winner for me and they never disappoint.


OPI Sweet Sensations – A lovely set by OPI of hand and body creams. Very refreshing and a real winner for me as they are so sweet and smooth and not at all greasy on the skin.


Mavala Treatment Gift Set – Everything you need for your hands, A  mini manicure set for your home. It has everything you need including hand cream, 6 nail polishes, Mavadry, cuticle remover, colorfix top coat and a base coat. Mavala are a superb company and they’re range of colours and products are second to none. I have never been unhappy in buying their products, they always do what they say.I can’t wait to try their make up range one day.


I hope you like  my stocking fillers ideas and I hope you enjoy the real fun in high street shopping over Christmas.  It’s so much more fun than Internet shopping!



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