Rituals Mini Perfume Set.

Hi Everybody,

I received this mini perfume set for Christmas and I want to show my thoughts of them. Rituals was founded in 2000 and it’s philosophy is simple, transform your everyday routines into meaningful rituals.  Inspired by Eastern traditions you can create calmness in your own home. Teas, cosmetics, body care ( for women and men) are all part of the Rituals experience.

The set  is made up of 3 10ml bottles of perfume. They have these lovely wooden tops and have simple shaped bottles. They are  perfect if you are travelling or in a small clutch bag if going out for the evening.

The first was is vanilla drops and sweet orange (No 9) It really has a lovely oriental, orange scent with a hint of vanilla in the background.

The second perfume is  white patchouli and cedar wood (No7). My favourite of the three. Very different from most perfumes. It’s earthy, yet warm with a lovely wood scent.

The last one is violet and white lily (No4). Of course, it has a real heavy floral scent. They say it is fruity but I can’t smell it.


They don’t last all day but I can still feel it on my clothes some hours later. These are a really lovely set if you don’t know which to buy and will give the receiver a good idea which to buy in the future. I hope that I will receive a full size bottle of N0 7 in the future!





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