Benefit Goodies.

Hi all,

Benefit has been a company I have liked since I came to the UK. The retro packaging has always made the company like different from the rest of the competition and I have always liked that.

I first tried benefit when I purchased my Sony Ericsson pink phone. It came with a Benefit thrrrob pink blusher and highbeam highlighter and I really have enjoyed using them. The only downside of Benefit is that they are fairly expensive compared to, say,  L’Oreal or Maybelline. I always buy magazines that do occasionally sample sizes as freebies of Benefit products! If I do receive gift cards for Christmas or Birthdays I do like to spend it on Benefit products as the choice is really quite wonderful and very difficult.



My youngest sister bought for me a Benefit giftcard and I choose the limited edition passport to posh eye primping kit and the coral lipstick (my treat).  Passport to posh kit is made up of creaseless cream shadow, 1 concealer, 3 powder eye shadows, a mini mascara and 2 not so good brushes.  One good thing I like is that you got a tips and tricks booklet to get the best out of the kit. The cream shadow is a wonderful long lasting shadow which you can buy separately. If you like the Maybelline eye tattoo range you will like this. The lipstick is a velvet, creamy finish. The downside is that it doesn’t stay that long on the lips.





I also have  a tiny box of 9 different coloured velvet eye shadows which I do like as the colours are so striking and they do blend very well together to make a striking look.



The newest range is the world famous neutrals range which come in three different shades. I choose the Eyenessa’s sexist nudes ever. The eyeshadow colours are silver, white and purples which combined can create a smoky look or a subtle everyday look.  It also has 2 creaseless cream eye shadows which are a cream colour and a darker, silver- black colour. These cream eyes shadows do not disappoint and the other eye shadows are of a very good quality and have a strong pigment to them.



I really do like the benefit look and feel of the products, others have tried to copy the retro,quirky feel of the packaging but Benefit have shown to be the original and best. The great thing is that their products I have tried are very good and I will try some of their other products to see how good they are.

What are your favourite Benefit products? Let me know.




Buys of the week!

Hi Everybody,

I did a small shopping treat for myself as the shops are full of offers and discounts at the moment. As I am doing Massage at college I always like to try new oils. In a  previous post I mentioned T J Hughes and some bargains you can find there (as well as rubbish!) I went to in there and headed towards the beauty section and saw a display of products from SEN. I vaguely heard of this company and I purchased stress relief Sandalwood massage oil just try it as it was only £2.99.  I went home and a google search on the company and was a bit shocked that it’s retail was £18!  SEN means forest in Chinese and the products are all natural ingredients and are a fusion of exotic plants and essential oils which have a long history in Chinese medicine and beauty. Unfortunately sen are no longer involved in Great Britain and have now moved to other markets in Europe. This is a real shame as the products are of a nice quality and the packaging is very good. One good thing is the fact we can enjoy these products at a real bargain price! The sandalwood oil I already have used in a massage and it was a lovely smell.

The next day I went back and stocked up on a few products:

Hydramood exfoliating moisturising cream for face (RRP £15.50)


Mood Freshener Bamboo & Green Tea bath & shower gel, the body butter, body cream scrub and the massage oil. (£9.00, £13.00, £12.00 and £18.00)


Detox Lotus & Jasmine massage oil and the Weight Control Chinese Essential Oil Toning Blend massage oil (£18.00 each)


  I spent £20.93 and the RRP was £121.50! I will review these products at a later date but for the moment I am enjoying a bargain buy of the week or perhaps the month!



On My Nails – OPI You Only Live Twice.

Hi Everybody,

I don’t have the opportunity to wear nail polish much because of my studies at college, but as we have no college  as it is half term I decided to colour my nails.

OPI created a range of James Bond related nail Polishes( I didn’t think James Bond used nail polishes!) to coincide with the release of Skyfall late last year.  13 colours were part of the range and I choose the lovely raspberry red colour from my fiancee’s favourite Bond movie!


It is a rich and vibrant colour and I did put 2 coats on for maximum impact but you could do just one coat as it is very pigmented. It wasn’t at all lumpy but was a lovely thick consistency like many OPI polishes I have tried.  It has also a hint of glitter which only heightens the vibrancy of the colour. If you can find this and any other of the colours of the range, I’m sure you won’t be  disappointed.



Here’s the rest of the range!

OPI James Bond