On My Nails – OPI You Only Live Twice.

Hi Everybody,

I don’t have the opportunity to wear nail polish much because of my studies at college, but as we have no college  as it is half term I decided to colour my nails.

OPI created a range of James Bond related nail Polishes( I didn’t think James Bond used nail polishes!) to coincide with the release of Skyfall late last year.  13 colours were part of the range and I choose the lovely raspberry red colour from my fiancee’s favourite Bond movie!


It is a rich and vibrant colour and I did put 2 coats on for maximum impact but you could do just one coat as it is very pigmented. It wasn’t at all lumpy but was a lovely thick consistency like many OPI polishes I have tried.  It has also a hint of glitter which only heightens the vibrancy of the colour. If you can find this and any other of the colours of the range, I’m sure you won’t be  disappointed.



Here’s the rest of the range!

OPI James Bond






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