Buys of the week!

Hi Everybody,

I did a small shopping treat for myself as the shops are full of offers and discounts at the moment. As I am doing Massage at college I always like to try new oils. In a  previous post I mentioned T J Hughes and some bargains you can find there (as well as rubbish!) I went to in there and headed towards the beauty section and saw a display of products from SEN. I vaguely heard of this company and I purchased stress relief Sandalwood massage oil just try it as it was only £2.99.  I went home and a google search on the company and was a bit shocked that it’s retail was £18!  SEN means forest in Chinese and the products are all natural ingredients and are a fusion of exotic plants and essential oils which have a long history in Chinese medicine and beauty. Unfortunately sen are no longer involved in Great Britain and have now moved to other markets in Europe. This is a real shame as the products are of a nice quality and the packaging is very good. One good thing is the fact we can enjoy these products at a real bargain price! The sandalwood oil I already have used in a massage and it was a lovely smell.

The next day I went back and stocked up on a few products:

Hydramood exfoliating moisturising cream for face (RRP £15.50)


Mood Freshener Bamboo & Green Tea bath & shower gel, the body butter, body cream scrub and the massage oil. (£9.00, £13.00, £12.00 and £18.00)


Detox Lotus & Jasmine massage oil and the Weight Control Chinese Essential Oil Toning Blend massage oil (£18.00 each)


  I spent £20.93 and the RRP was £121.50! I will review these products at a later date but for the moment I am enjoying a bargain buy of the week or perhaps the month!




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