Carven Le parfume.


Hi all,

It’s been a month since I posted so I knew I really had to post about something really exciting! The new Carven le Perfume has been on my mind since I first smelt this delightful perfume at Papliion in Brighton in June.  I was given some free samples by them of the perfume. Returning to Latvia for my wedding I took them with me but my mother took one of the samples and has asked for a bottle of it as a Christmas and birthday present! This proves the appeal of this perfume, any age of us ladies will love it.


Carven is undergoing a period of change since Guillaume Henry took over as Artistic Director of the house in 2009. Following the reinstatement of the brand’s fashion line Monsieur Henry has turned his eye to the world of Carven Fragrances with the re-issuing of the brand’s classic scents ‘Ma Griffe’ (1946) and ‘Vétiver’ (1957).


Le Perfum was created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian (he of Maison Francis Kurkdjian and Le Mâle fame and Ellie Saab), is described as; “the concept of a sillage that combines several paradoxes, a fresh and ethereal fragrance that is, at the same time, ultra feminine. A fragrance that is as structured as Guillaume Henry’s line of clothing” and created for the Carven woman, who Kurkdjian says is “beautiful without even thinking about it.”

 I love that last line. I think it perfectly sums up the perfume. This perfume is sophisticated, ultra feminine and stylish.  This also applies to the bottle as well which is a really wonderful design.

The perfume is white floral with a touch of green and an emphasis on the early spring flowers of hyacinth and sweet pea.  There is also jasmine, ylang-ylang and the subtle hint of sandalwood. Other reviewers have said it’s a bit soapy but I think it’s a delicate, refined perfume with everything blends in nicely together with no one note  overpowering anything else.

I think this is a delightful perfume in my view. I will wear it with happiness and imagine that I am French in a glamorous evening dress, walking on a red carpet in Paris!

What do you think of Carven Le Parfum as I love to hear from you?

R xx


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