December Favourites.

Hi Everybody,

Here are some of my favourite things I have used this month.



Elemis Exotic Lime & Ginger Body Wash

This is a beautiful product, which leaves the skin feeling fresh, soft and nourished. I feel expensive after using this! This is a real favourite  of mine.

Aveda Smoothing Body Polish & Replenishing Moisturizer.

The body scrub is quite smooth with a fine consistency that leaves the skin so smooth. The moisturizer soaks into the skin so quickly which hydrates the skin beautifully. The smell is gorgeous, not at all too sickly. This was a gift from my eldest sister and I thank her for buying these for me!


Michael Todd Skin Care Set

I have mentioned the Michael Todd’s before in a previous post and I’m still using them! I hope that one day you can buy them here in the UK. Lovely products.

Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream

This has taken me ages to use up as it’s so rich. A nice everyday product which gives great results. The great thing about Body Shop is the offers they offer so I’m sure I will buy this again.


Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

As you know I do love hand creams, this has been a very good as it softens the hands beautifully. This can be used by as a unisex product as the smell isn’t at all floral.



No7 Extreme Length.

It does a great job, I will buy this again. I never thought waterproofs were much good.

Seventeen doll’d up

A good budget option, the brush has a shape to it which makes lashes curl. No smudges or crumbles and a really good length. Puts more expensive mascara’s to shame!

Rimmel Lash Acclelerator

It’s OK, nothing special, not as good as Seventeen Doll’d up.

Elizabeth Arden Lash Extending Treatment Mascara.

It’s a good product,nice to try something different. No smudges and leaves a good length to the eyelashes.



Art Deco Illuminating Shimmer Cream

It’s a real shame you can’t seem to get Art Deco products here in the UK shops. (You can try online) I use as a highlighter for the cheeks to give a lovely glow. It has a magnet on the back of the case so you can stick it  on your other pallets. I will buy more Art Deco products when I go back to Latvia.

B Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmer ‘Dusk Till Dawn’

Bought from Superdrug and I have to say I like it. The shade is a pale pink and it is a very soft mousse which applies easily with a nice shimmer. I have used it everyday with no problems. It slightly creases after eight hours but I didn’t apply any primer. I know other bloggers have not had good experience with this product but I have found it works well.


Sleek Brow Palette

Sleek have excellent eye shadow pallets, but when I finished my brow palette (which has been discontinued) I decided to buy this from Sleek. It has been very good, stays a long time. It has a waxy texture and a powder in the set and I think it’s a bit similar to the Benefit and much cheaper!



No7 Instant Radiance Foundation in Calico

I did mention in a previous post (September 2012) you can go into Boots and get a service to help you find the right foundation. I have used this for a few months and I have find it has given my skin nice coverage, leaves it radiant and glowing. I love the fact that the bottle has a syringe action which sucks all the foundation, leaving nothing in the bottle! I wish MAC would use this design on their foundation bottles.

Elizabeth Arden Day & Night Collection in Rose & Sugar

These formed part of my beauty box from last Christmas. They are a lovely, creamy consistency with a nice pigment.  I like the packaging with the gold detail, a bit of glamour I think.

There you go, my favourites for this month. Please comment and I do love to hear from you all.

I  wish to thank everybody who have read my blog in 2013 and I wish you all a very Happy New Beauty Year and God bless you all.




Stoneglow Candles.

Hi all,

I do like candles around the flat and I have discovered a new maker of them. I often go into a little shop called Banana Tree here in Eastbourne and I discovered a lovely range of candles from Stoneglow of London. The range is of five candles,  I have Christmas Cake, Gingerbread and Roasted Chestnut. They are lovely little pots which remind me of jam pots my Grandmother had. They have a little bow with a cork top and they look so cute!


The important thing is do they smell? They do a lovely job in not just smelling the room but the whole flat. Roasted Chestnut is very sweet and you don’t need to burn it too long.  The others give a lovely festive feel and the scent from them is wonderful, just like the smell from the kitchen. The burning time is about 25 hours which is very good as well.

People spend lots of money on candles from different parts of the world but these are hand poured in the UK and are great value at £8.00 each. Please see the links below.




Books I Love to Read…

Hi all,

Something different today as I thought I would share three books I have enjoyed lately. Living in Latvia It wasn’t easy to buy or enjoy the vast selection we have here in the UK.  I always borrowed books from the library and never finished the books as they were always over due. To be honest I can’t quite believe that I can read in English!

The first one is Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange. This  book is a style guide of the Parisian way and advises how to emulate the wonderful Parisian style that women there have. Some advice includes seven items in your wardrobe to build around for ‘the look’ (A blazer, a trench coat, a navy sweater, a tank top, a little black dress, jeans and a leather jacket) of  She also recommends various shops in Paris that Parisians use. A nice little guide with a bit of everything for the person who wants the look of a Parisian. It is a fun read.


The Perfume Lover by Denise Beaulieu. This is about the love of a perfume from childhood to the making of a dream come true to create a perfume. This is a book in three parts. One part history of perfume, one part autobiography and the one part about her creating her own perfume with the legendary Bertrand Duchaufour. It is a passionate, funny and sometimes erotic book. I lost count how many times ‘ the hand in my knickers’ was used by her!


My third and final book is Cult Perfumes by Tessa Williams. This is a glossy, richly illustrated book on the world’s must exclusive Perfume houses. The beginning of the book covers the history of perfume and scent.  Each Chapter covers a great perfume house, including Creed, Floris, Penhaligon’s and Serge Lutens. The great thing is that even though some of them have been around for 450 years plus ( Santa Maria Novella created the first alcohol based perfume in 1549) or just 20 years, they all believe in the art of perfume making and to make the greatest perfumes they can. This is a beautiful book and because of this book I have already purchased a few perfumes from the makers covered in this book. I never tire of this book and often want to smell the perfumes when I have read a passage from it!  Tessa Williams has done a fantastic job in describing the perfumes and I really do recommend this book for anyone who loves perfumes.





On My Nails – Lancome & Essie As Gold As It Gets

Hello Everybody,

Christmas is nearly upon us so I decided to have some sparkle on my nails. I have chosen Lancome but it has no name on it. I received it last Christmas as part of the beauty box. It is a deep wine colour and the texture of the polish is fantastic and the brush is amazing, flat and big. All brushes should be like this, one perfect swipe on the nails. and the colour is amazing.

I also put on Essie’s new range for Christmas.It’s called luxeffects and is a multi dimension top coat. It can use it as I have as an effect on already painted nails or you can use it on it’s own. It gives a nice festive look with the Lancome I think.



What are you going to wear on your nails? I love to hear from you.

On My Nails – Orly Star Spangled

Hi all,

I do love buying magazines, Not just for the contents but when they give things away! Hand creams, brushes, body scrubs. It ‘s always great to try different products and to see if you like them rather than spending your money. But the best  thing of all is the nail polish give aways.  The most common of all give aways must is the nail polish deals with them and I always buy nail polish offers. Most of my collection of nail polishes have been freebies and I don’t mind. This allows me to try different colours without spending the money. One of these freebies make up this review. I have never tried Orly nail polishes before  so it was nice to receive one when I purchased the December issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Orly Star Spangled is a bright red and is a perfect festive colour. It has also has one of my favorite things: Sparkle. This really lifts it from being a nice coke cola red to something a bit different. I put 2 coats on as  I normally do as I like a vibrant colour on my nails  and it really has been good on my nails. When I eventually  remove the colour from my nails I was surprised by how easy it was to remove. It didn’t leave any red marks on my nails as some similar colours have done when I have used them.


Overall I really liked this colour and it really is perfect  for this time of the year. I look forward to trying some of my other freebies! What are your festive favourites?



Visit to London…

Hi Everybody,

I visited London last weekend and of course I picked up a few things along the way! We visited London to experience the build up to Christmas there. Covent Garden is always nice to visit and there was some beautiful things to see. I did purchase from Crabtree & Evelyn  a nice gift set of hand creams, spiced vanilla, snow blossom and frosted berries. I do love my hand creams!


We then walked along and visited John Lewis on Oxford Street. John Lewis is a wonderful store with so many beautiful things, it really is a store I could spend hours there! I don’t often have the chance to look at Liz Earle’s collection of delights and it was a real pleasure to purchase her Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil. It really does smell nice and it does protect the hair from damaging when blow drying it. I wished I had bought the stocking but my next purchase must be the hot cloth cleanser!


We then decided to visit the Westfield shopping centre in Shepards Bush. This is one huge place with all the labels you can think of. Not really my kind of place to visit but worth the experience to see how the rich people live!

It did find the Kiko shop. KIKO MAKE UP MILANO was established and founded in 1997 by the Percassi Group. It is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that features a range of cutting-edge makeup, face and body treatments. It is a new brand to me and a welcome sight that it is of nice quality without breaking the bank. Too many brands trade on their name and put high prices on them and too many people buy the brand and not the product.


I bought wet eye shadows which you can use wet or dry. Simple packaging with numbers denoting the item but no name. I bought 200 & 227. The eye shadows inside are raised and not flat like other makers. They also have an mirror inside the case. I also purchased silky smooth blush in 110. It really is a bright Barbie pink and very soft with nice pigmentation and it does stay on my face for quite a long time. I have to say I like the Kiko name on the blush. Nice touch.

Well, that’s my post on the few things I bought, below is some of the things I saw whilst in London (including one of me!):


Westfield shopping centre.

Westfield shopping centre.


Covent Garden Dior shop display of bag made up of Lipsticks!

Covent Garden Dior shop display of bag made up of Lipsticks!


Me at Covent Garden!:)