Visit to London…

Hi Everybody,

I visited London last weekend and of course I picked up a few things along the way! We visited London to experience the build up to Christmas there. Covent Garden is always nice to visit and there was some beautiful things to see. I did purchase from Crabtree & Evelyn  a nice gift set of hand creams, spiced vanilla, snow blossom and frosted berries. I do love my hand creams!


We then walked along and visited John Lewis on Oxford Street. John Lewis is a wonderful store with so many beautiful things, it really is a store I could spend hours there! I don’t often have the chance to look at Liz Earle’s collection of delights and it was a real pleasure to purchase her Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil. It really does smell nice and it does protect the hair from damaging when blow drying it. I wished I had bought the stocking but my next purchase must be the hot cloth cleanser!


We then decided to visit the Westfield shopping centre in Shepards Bush. This is one huge place with all the labels you can think of. Not really my kind of place to visit but worth the experience to see how the rich people live!

It did find the Kiko shop. KIKO MAKE UP MILANO was established and founded in 1997 by the Percassi Group. It is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that features a range of cutting-edge makeup, face and body treatments. It is a new brand to me and a welcome sight that it is of nice quality without breaking the bank. Too many brands trade on their name and put high prices on them and too many people buy the brand and not the product.


I bought wet eye shadows which you can use wet or dry. Simple packaging with numbers denoting the item but no name. I bought 200 & 227. The eye shadows inside are raised and not flat like other makers. They also have an mirror inside the case. I also purchased silky smooth blush in 110. It really is a bright Barbie pink and very soft with nice pigmentation and it does stay on my face for quite a long time. I have to say I like the Kiko name on the blush. Nice touch.

Well, that’s my post on the few things I bought, below is some of the things I saw whilst in London (including one of me!):


Westfield shopping centre.

Westfield shopping centre.


Covent Garden Dior shop display of bag made up of Lipsticks!

Covent Garden Dior shop display of bag made up of Lipsticks!


Me at Covent Garden!:)



One thought on “Visit to London…

  1. You are so beautiful and I love, love, love your coat! Oh, I miss London. You look so happy, being married is obviously good for you. X


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