On My Nails – Orly Star Spangled

Hi all,

I do love buying magazines, Not just for the contents but when they give things away! Hand creams, brushes, body scrubs. It ‘s always great to try different products and to see if you like them rather than spending your money. But the best  thing of all is the nail polish give aways.  The most common of all give aways must is the nail polish deals with them and I always buy nail polish offers. Most of my collection of nail polishes have been freebies and I don’t mind. This allows me to try different colours without spending the money. One of these freebies make up this review. I have never tried Orly nail polishes before  so it was nice to receive one when I purchased the December issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Orly Star Spangled is a bright red and is a perfect festive colour. It has also has one of my favorite things: Sparkle. This really lifts it from being a nice coke cola red to something a bit different. I put 2 coats on as  I normally do as I like a vibrant colour on my nails  and it really has been good on my nails. When I eventually  remove the colour from my nails I was surprised by how easy it was to remove. It didn’t leave any red marks on my nails as some similar colours have done when I have used them.


Overall I really liked this colour and it really is perfect  for this time of the year. I look forward to trying some of my other freebies! What are your festive favourites?




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