Books I Love to Read…

Hi all,

Something different today as I thought I would share three books I have enjoyed lately. Living in Latvia It wasn’t easy to buy or enjoy the vast selection we have here in the UK.  I always borrowed books from the library and never finished the books as they were always over due. To be honest I can’t quite believe that I can read in English!

The first one is Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange. This  book is a style guide of the Parisian way and advises how to emulate the wonderful Parisian style that women there have. Some advice includes seven items in your wardrobe to build around for ‘the look’ (A blazer, a trench coat, a navy sweater, a tank top, a little black dress, jeans and a leather jacket) of  She also recommends various shops in Paris that Parisians use. A nice little guide with a bit of everything for the person who wants the look of a Parisian. It is a fun read.


The Perfume Lover by Denise Beaulieu. This is about the love of a perfume from childhood to the making of a dream come true to create a perfume. This is a book in three parts. One part history of perfume, one part autobiography and the one part about her creating her own perfume with the legendary Bertrand Duchaufour. It is a passionate, funny and sometimes erotic book. I lost count how many times ‘ the hand in my knickers’ was used by her!


My third and final book is Cult Perfumes by Tessa Williams. This is a glossy, richly illustrated book on the world’s must exclusive Perfume houses. The beginning of the book covers the history of perfume and scent.  Each Chapter covers a great perfume house, including Creed, Floris, Penhaligon’s and Serge Lutens. The great thing is that even though some of them have been around for 450 years plus ( Santa Maria Novella created the first alcohol based perfume in 1549) or just 20 years, they all believe in the art of perfume making and to make the greatest perfumes they can. This is a beautiful book and because of this book I have already purchased a few perfumes from the makers covered in this book. I never tire of this book and often want to smell the perfumes when I have read a passage from it!  Tessa Williams has done a fantastic job in describing the perfumes and I really do recommend this book for anyone who loves perfumes.






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