Stoneglow Candles.

Hi all,

I do like candles around the flat and I have discovered a new maker of them. I often go into a little shop called Banana Tree here in Eastbourne and I discovered a lovely range of candles from Stoneglow of London. The range is of five candles,  I have Christmas Cake, Gingerbread and Roasted Chestnut. They are lovely little pots which remind me of jam pots my Grandmother had. They have a little bow with a cork top and they look so cute!


The important thing is do they smell? They do a lovely job in not just smelling the room but the whole flat. Roasted Chestnut is very sweet and you don’t need to burn it too long.  The others give a lovely festive feel and the scent from them is wonderful, just like the smell from the kitchen. The burning time is about 25 hours which is very good as well.

People spend lots of money on candles from different parts of the world but these are hand poured in the UK and are great value at £8.00 each. Please see the links below.





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