Diptyque Do Son EDT Review.

Hi everybody,

I posted a few weeks ago my Space NK sale items I bought. Today, I will give you my thoughts on the Diptyque Do Son.

Diptyque was founded in 1961 by 3 artists: Desmond Knox-Lett, Christine Gautrot and Yves Coueslant. All three had designed fabrics and wallpaper for Liberty. They opened a shop at 34, Boulevard Saint-Germain and to this day the shop stands at the same place. Diptyque is world famous for it’s candles and as they gained popularity the trio decided to enter the perfume market. Diptyque’s simple look of black on white and the lettering (inspired by an ancient Irish alphabet), designed by Knox-Lett is known throughout the world.


Do Son was launched in 2005 and I could not resist it when I saw it in the sale after Christmas. I normally do not buy perfumes without first smelling it but I saw a description on the Space NK and decided to go for it. I ‘m glad I did!

The first smell is of a bouquet of white flowers and iris with a freshness of orange. The middle has a feeling of pink pepper and tuberose but still have the floral element to it. I don’t feel sweetness but it is a gorgeous floral scent, perfect  for the summer or the winter when you need something to lift up your mood!

This is a soft, light gentle perfume and is not your typical perfume ,but a sophisticated fragrance for beautiful women everywhere! It is not sexy but I would say it is a loving perfume!



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