Rae Morris

Hi all,

I have been an admirer of Rae Morris for so long, her book Makeup: The Ultimate Guide was one of her first make up books I bought and it has been much read for her easy to follow steps to great make up. It really is a great book and I  like how she fall into the business and talks about how she did make up for Naomi Campbell. It has to be read to be believed how luck(and of course talent!) played it’s part on that meeting and changed her life forever. Since then I have added Timeless Makeup to it and enjoyed that as well.



My husband bought me a few brushes from her website last year and I have enjoyed them as they are so different. The first is the Number 1 Deluxe Kabuki. It is a beautifully smooth brush which Rae created for her range from other Kabuki brushes she had bought. This is her favourite and you can see why, it can do anything. Powder, cream blush, bronzer, contouring, highlighting and for blending eye shadow. This is a fantastic rush, so versatile and you probably need two! I love the shape of the brush and the detail has an angled cut at the bottom with her initials on it. Nice touch. The second brush is the number 26 Fan Brush,this is a very soft brush which I use for highlighting on the cheekbones. Also good for removing messy eye lash fallout. The last brush is the number 12 Chiselled Smudger. This is perfect for blending or smudging eye shadows or gels close to the lash line. As it’s compact to helps to keep your eye shadows in place. All three are great to use and are of such nice quality.

Rae has a new book coming out soon (she is shooting images for it) so I cannot wait to buy that. She has also launched the world’s first magnetic brush range which look fantastic and a make up range, which is something to look forward to. Of course her life is about to change forever with the  wonderful news that she is expecting a  baby, so many congratulations to Rae.

One day I hope to meet Rae and so thank you to her for being an inspiration to me.

This is her link to her website: http://raemorris.com

I will leave with this quote about her:

“Rae is not just a makeup artist, Rae is a brilliant person with a heart made from love — she just happens to be one of the most talented people I’ve ever met!!! 

Her art is a performance, your face her stage. Whether it’s a colourfully enchanting opera or a mesmerising ballet – Rae will always play selflessly to her audience.” 

Gok Wan, UK Fashion Expert


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