Spot Zappers!

Hi all,

Today I will look at these awful things that can ruin your complexion and spoil that special day out. Spots! I occasionally suffer from those horrible things which I call ‘little bastards’!

Hormones, pollution, stress, diet are all causes of spots and not just cleansing your face will get rid of them. You have to use other forms of treatment to love your skin. I will talk through some of the treatments I have been using, spot zappers as I call them!


First up is the Simple spotless skin rapid action spot zapper. £5.49 It is for sensitive skin and uses a rollerball to put the liquid directly on the spot or you can use your finger. It’s odourless and has zinc and chamomile goodness in it. It works really well, I tend it use before I go to bed and the spot is smaller when I get up the next day. A good budget choice.

The next one is Tisserand tea tree + anti-blemish stick. £4.50 Same idea but this uses a brush instead. This does smell and is quite strong. It is a gel base and it can sting  a little but it does really well in killing the spots.

Lavera 2in1 anti-blemish treatment. Approx £10.00. It has organic mint and zinc. This has 2 ends, the first one is a rollerball to apply on the spot and the second end has a concealer to apply to hide it before you put on your foundation. It is very good and it has worked but I think I would buy Simple or the Tisserand again rather than this one as I found the concealer option was a bit yellow for me. I did also find it felt a bit tight on the skin.

The last one is Neal’s Yard clarifying mahonia skin gel. £16.50 This is the most expensive of the four products. This is best applied in the evenings as it has a yellow colour to it rather than the colourless products of the other three. It is a sticky consistency but it works so well in killing the spots. It is expensive but you only need to use a very tiny amount of product so you don’t need to throw the whole bottle on your face!

Any high street shop will sell Simple but the others you have to look in organic shops or online.All of the above use natural ingredients( parabone free and any synthetic products) which is important as you do not want to harm your skin with too man made products.

There are so many treatments out there that can help if you suffer from spots/acne so do not feel unhappy if you are suffering from this. There is something out there to beat those ‘little bastards’ and have beautiful skin which we deserve!




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