Beauty Event with Sarah and Jo at Fenwick.

Hi Everybody,

After a period of not posting anything due to our laptop dying, I’m glad to say everything is back up and running.

I can post you to my thoughts on the beauty event I went to on Saturday evening at Fenwick’s Tunbridge Wells with the launch of the new book by Sarah Stacey & Jo Fairley, The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible.


Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley have been writing the beauty bible since 1996. The idea began in a restaurant with Sarah been asked by a friend about beauty,what is the best long-lasting mascara and the best scent for her. The start of an ideal began to form: A book which would explain all these things, test out lots of products on women and report the results. Sarah phoned Jo and the rest is history. Since then seven books have been written and more than 20,000 women trialling products to date – making it the biggest-ever consumer beauty survey ever carried out!

The event was at Fenwick’s in Tunbridge Wells, where sparkling wine and canopies were provided(my husband really the three glasses he had!)The age group was 35 upwards with me probably been the youngest there. Both Sarah and Jo were there and gave a little intro to the evening explaining the book and the website and the survey and how you could join it. We were given a card in which we could choose various brands, on a first come first served basis, a taste of the various treatments on offer. I went for the ‘explore the world of Chanel’ as I am reading a lot on Coco Chanel at the moment.  The beauty consultant was Gemma and she was outstanding. She asked me if I wanted skincare or make up. Of course I decided on make up! She showed me the new range of eye shadows and I was really impressed on how she did the make up. The blending was excellent and I was so happy with the look I bought the eyeshadow palette and the lipstick!




I went to Jo Malone’s stand and tried the new creams but had to resist in buying anything else. But at least I get a few samples. Fenwick’s also gave a bag of goodies and wonderful it was too.



Of course, the real reason was to meet Sarah and Jo and they were lovely.They were enthusiastic, beautiful to look at and very friendly. They both signed the book and I will treasure it forever. Now I will read it and buy the products!!






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