On My Nails – Mavala Fresh Melon


Hello Everybody,

I hope everybody is enjoying the good weather (here in the UK, the weather has been good) I thought with spring with us and summer not so far away, I would look at one of the bright, pastel colours for my nail polish review. In this time of the year, I do like to wear a soft bright nail polish and I do like Mavala colours. I choose to wear Mavala Fresh Melon which is a pale orange colour which reminds me of a cantaloupe melon.  I did use Maval’s protective base before applying the polish and  Mavala’s colourfix which prevents chipping. It’s a lovely colour,easy to apply and I always put on two coats on for a more intense colour. I have worn it for a week and I still have a good coverage on my nails with some slight chipping on them after a week of hard work!

It really is a perfect colour for the time of the year and I have really enjoyed using this pastel orange  as it is different to the more usual colours we use.

R xx

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