Five Things I Can’t Live Without…


Hi Everybody,

All women have beauty things that they cannot live without before they go out. It might when going out to work, the weekend when relaxing out with friends. It gives you the confidence, the extra bounce in your step, the feeling that everything will be great today. It might be mascara that pops your eyes. It might be bright lipstick so you feel sexy or the perfume that gives you the beautiful scent.

I have chosen five as I couldn’t pick less!

Coverage – I have problem with redness so I must use a cream to cover it and hide it and to give an even look. I use a CC cream from Bourjois and it’s great as it hydrates, corrects and is SPF15. Loving it at the moment.

Mascara – It doesn’t matter if you don’t wear eye shadows as long as you have Mascara to pop your eyes. Lipgloss and Mascara and you’re ready for anything! I’m using N0 7 Exceptional Defination and it gives you a real wow impact.

Lipgloss – It can give great shine and full plump lips and it can moisturise. It doesn’t smudge and if you don’t have lipstick on you, the lipgloss can cover it.I use a lot more lipgloss than lipstick  as it doesn’t dry your lips and leaves a nice gloss. At the moment, I’m using Chanel 166 Amour,a beautiful pink with a little shimmer. Love this a lot.

Hand Cream – As you know I love hand creams. I work in a difficult, dusty environment where I work with my hands all the time. Your hands age quicker than your face so I have always protected my hands for many years. People always look at hands and you can guess what they do. At the moment I am using Origins Make a Difference Rejuvenating Hand Cream and it moisturises my hands well and really absorbs and hydrates them nicely.

Perfume- What a surprise you say. This is the most personal of all things beauty as we are all different. Each person has a individual response to scent. I like flora, fruity, sweet perfumes and I love each one I own. I always use a different perfume everyday, according to my mood! Today I used Givenchy Ange ou DemonLe Secret EDP.  A floral scent with citrus, white flowers and jasmine tea.  A beautiful scent and go to a shop and take a sniff!

What are your favourite things you can’t live without?




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