Hi All,

This is a not a post about beauty or perfume but my little adventure to a different country in Europe. It was nice to visit this romantic city which you hear so much about. The city of love is a perfect view of this place. It was wonderful to use the words ‘ Bonjour, Merci and Au Revoir’.  We walked everywhere, it was tiring but the best way to see the city. I do recommend using the bus boat which allows you to hop on and off the famous places as much as you like. I did like the area around the Notre Dame and the little shops around it, I could be very happy in an apartment overlooking the Seine! Montmatre and Sacre Coeur was wonderful, particular the artists who sketch the tourists and the stalls selling original paintings of views of Paris. Even though the Eiffel Tower has THE view of Paris, the Arc De Triomphe has a wonderful view and cheaper ( As I am under 26, I didn’t have to pay!) The food was wonderful as you would expect and my husband really enjoyed cafe life in Paris, I think he would have stayed in the cafes all day and watched the world go by! A few things stood out for me. One, the love of smoking Two, the love of scooters, Third, the love of Louis Vuitton bags!

I cannot wait to go back to this fantastic city.

Au Revoir!




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