The health benefits of using the lemon!



Hi Everybody,

This is my 100th post of my blog since I started writing this in June 2012. Thank you to everybody who has read my blog and have commented on it, It means a lot to me.

Today, I will talk about the benefits of using lemons to help not just my skin but my whole body. I started reading   about the benefits of lemon for your body. I have always used lemons in tea but never thought about using lemon juice in warm water in the morning before you drink or eat anything else. Other people start with coffee, I now have since the start of the year, lemon in warm water ( not boiling!) every day when I get up. I don’t use a lot of lemon, just a good squeeze of 1/2 a lemon and drink it in one go. I do think that wonderful citrus smell does give a sense of happiness and cheers you up. The smell on your hand is uplifting and gives me a feeling of the summer.

The benefits of using lemon is because it is so high in vitamin C. It boosts your immune system and helps fight infections. Vitamin C is vital for healthy skin because its alkaline properties kills some types of bacteria known to cause you acne. Vitamin C can also rejuvenate the skin from within your body. It also promotes wound healing and is an essential part in the maintenance of healthy bones.

Lemons are also high in potassium which help the brain and nervous systems and help your blood pressure. Lemons help flush out the nasty toxins in your body and help when you have indigestion such as heartburn and burping.  Lemon juice and the warm water helps the immune system by hydrating and replacing fluids lost by your body. You know when your body is lacking water because you feel tired, lack energy, feeling stressed and don’t sleep very well.

Natural products like lemons are better for you than the man-made capsules we use so much of. Some people do have an allergy to Vitamin C but they are different natural products you can use instead. What other product can do as much to help your body look and feel wonderful than the simple lemon?

R xx


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