Dermalogica Live!







I was offered a great opportunity to do a four day course with Dermalogica. The company was founded in 1986 and is the leading brand for skin care and is the number one choice for professionals. They concentrate on skin health and teach beauticians/therapists to be skin therapists. I had heard and seen them at the beauty shows but never had the chance to use them.

When I was at the Beauty show at Olympia, I had the opportunity to be given a face mapping of my skin and the condition of my skin. I then understood the depth, knowledge and professionalism of the therapists and the company. I became inspired and wanted to know more about skin care and how to be a skin care therapist rather then just been a beauty therapist!

Working at Dynamic Beauty and Hair, the owner and friend, Maria said that I was going with them to do Dermalogica Live for the four day course at the office in Leatherhead, Surrey. I could not say no at a wonderful opportunity to learn this!

The four day course really showed me the high standards that they set to get the best for the clients.  This is a not a business opportunity to get money out of people, but a real desire to help people and their skin. They understand it is important to teach therapists how to understand skincare so they can help clients understand and look after their skin. This was a great chance to try the products themselves and to do facials on each other to understand them.

I completed the four day ‘certified’ course and I am now doing the second course to be a ‘Specialist’. It is more in-depth on the skin condition,types and the products to be used. The final part is to be ‘Expert’ which I will complete in the future.

If your salon near you uses Dermalogical products, you can get for free a face mapping skin analysis from the therapist.

I have to say thank you to Maria from Dynamic  for giving me the opportunity to do the course, it means a lot to me.



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