DIY Lip Scrub.




Hi Everybody,

As the cold is still with us, our lips are vulnerable to the  elements. They don’t have any protection so they need our help because our lips get dry and chapped and lipsticks do not look good on chapped lips! It is easy to buy lip scrubs and lip balms to look after them but you can do the same by making your own scrub with a few products you have in the kitchen.

So, I decided to make my own scrub and I was amazed by how easy and how it worked! You do need a small plastic container which you can buy from any good drugstore/pharmacy ( I bought mine from Boots) I used the following  ingredients:

2 teaspoons of dark brown soft sugar

1 teaspoon of honey

A splash of olive oil to bind the ingredients to make a smooth paste.

You can add a drop of vanilla essence if you want to for smell. Use the container to store it. I use twice a week,rubbing gently into the lips and then wash off with warm water or a cloth if you prefer. I then apply lip balm and believe me my lips feel so smooth. A smooth surface make lip products last longer and far more effective and of course the lips are more kissable!

Kisses to you all!




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