Kiko Eyeshadow & Primer Review.


Hi Everybody,

I have always liked the professional eye shadow palettes that MAC Pro and Bobbi Brown produce. The ability to customize your own palettes and colour ranges has always interested me. One company that I have bought products from also produce a system which you can also customize is the Italian company, Kiko Cosmetics.

My kind husband picked up the Eye Clics 024 from Kiko’s Palette Clics System at their shop on Regent Street. If you find that is to many you can buy either a 4, 3 or even a single empty pallete. He also purchased 6 single eye shadows to start me off and was interesting to see what kind of colours he bought! he choose a nice assortment of colours, a Pearly Hazelnut (212),a light chocolate to me! A matt taupe colour(239) which looks beautiful on the crease to give illusion to the eye. A Pearly Dark Wisteria (246), a medium purple. Golden Coral(205) which is a very nice peachy orange. A Pearly Light Gold (202,) a  beige colour, which looks great if you have brown eyes and Metallic Gold Rose(220), which is a lovely pink rose colour.  The single eye shadows are big compared to other companies offerings and offer plenty of product.  They are of very good quality, nice pigmentation and apply easily to the eyes. You can blend with them very well and all colours were perfectly chosen by my husband are what I would have picked myself. He knows me very well!

One product I have always liked is Urban Decay’s eye shadow primer. It is simply one of the best make up products out there. Kiko produce 2 different eye primers. One is the Matifying primer and the second one is a pearly eye base.  I have the pearly version and it does brighten and hold the eye shadows throughout the day and my eye shadows remain all day. It is a excellent primer for only £6.90 compared to the £16.00 for Urban Decays primer and is much more affordable and will do an excellent job for you.



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