Laughing Bird Body Scrub & Hand Cream




Hope you have had a great weekend.

I do love to try and buy British skincare products when I find them. I’m lucky that Infinity Foods in Brighton sell very interesting natural products. One of those I discovered was Laughing Bird who are based in rural Wales. Founded in 2004, they now make, with home-grown and local ingredients, a range of body care products.

The packaging is nicely done with a funky design with what looks like a stork as the emblem. Cool and different. The products are not animal tested.

The body scrub is Lemon & Walnut with apple seed oil.  The consistency of the scrub reminds me of sugar when it gets slightly wet. Other scrubs feels runny but this is a thick, heavy sugary feel to it because of the oils.   If you have rough skin, this product would be perfect for you. My skin feels super soft and moisturized because of the apple seed oil. I use a walnut sized amount and is just the right amount to get a good scrub. The fresh scent is so uplifting, it brightens your mood. I could almost get a spoon and eat it! 250 ml for £9.85 is fantastic value for money.

The Shea & Cocoa Butter with Geranium & Lemon Hand Cream has the same style of packaging as the body scrub with the simple glass jar and the funky packaging. The consistency is like double cream that has been whipped thick. It really does absorb into the skin very easily and doesn’t leave any greasiness to your hands at all. It really does work on my hands and smell is wonderful, you can’t go wrong with geranium and lemon! £7.25 is also great value.

I would love to try more of their products and these are the companies we shout about more often.  They offer naturally made products that are wonderful value and look after our bodies.

R xx


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