Chanel ‘Misia’ Perfume Event!


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Hi Everybody,

I have mentioned before in a previous post regarding my membership of the Perfume Society, which promotes the love of perfume to everybody. As a VIP member, you are invited to perfume related events, I would love to go to all of them but that isn’t possible!

On St George’s day, April 23rd an event for the new Le Exclusifs Chanel perfume, Misia was announced to be held at Chanel New Bond Street in London. My eyes popped out, jaw dropped and a let out a pinched scream in pure excitement! I had the day off on this day from work!!

This was the first time I had been to a Chanel boutique and we were taken upstairs and were greeted by Perfume Society’s Jo Fairley and Joanna Norman from Chanel Perfume.

The event was to introduce the new exclusive Chanel perfume, Misia. These editions are only available from Chanel boutiques and online. Misia Sert was a close friend of Coco Chanel and introduced her to art and the great artists of the day.

The event started by explaining the reasons in creating the new perfume and the breakdown of how the scent was made. We were introduced to the bases of the perfume, the two different kinds of roses which from the base to it and the added components. It was very interesting to hear the opinions of the small audience on the smells and how each person reacts differently to it.

It was a lovely experience to hear how a perfume is made and the complex process in making it.

I will post my feeling on the Misia soon.

Thank you to the Perfume Society and Chanel for such a lovely experience.



On My Nails: Spring Blossom Look!



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Hi Everybody,

I have been inspired by the lovely spring blossom on the trees that we have here at the moment. So today using my newly bought sky blue nail polish from Laqa & Co (New Fangled is the name) I created a look on my nails.

Laqa & Co are a New York based company  with a limited product range here in the UK. I was lucky to buy two of their nail polishes from Heals in Brighton. This is a beautiful shade of blue in my view, the packaging is neat and cute. A long bottle which looks like a lip gloss as it is a tall and slender bottle. It is a lovely quality polish, no streaking and I have found I only used one coat rather than having to put on a few extra coats and it dries very quickly.  The box is cute with a pop-art inspired image on it.

When you paint your nails, you can do a bit of nail art and I decided to do a white flower with a little pink in the middle with a nail dot tool.  I think the colour is perfect and is a perfect spring look to it. What do you think?

R xx






BarryM Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit Review.



Here is the contoured look on my face. I'm not really a poser! I tried my best.

Here is the contoured look on my face. I’m not really a poser! I tried my best.

Hi Everybody,

Contouring is crazy at the moment with companies Laura Mercier, Smashbox and others bringing out contouring palettes, powders and even chubby sticks. But what is contouring?

Contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup.

I purchased one of the budget entries to this market, BarryM’s Contour Kit. One thing to remember is that it’s not supposed to be noticeable, just a subtle definition of the face.I don’t usually contour my face but decided to give it a go and see what it looked like on me. My face is round so I can’t change nature, but you have make up to try!

The BarryM kit is a slim, practical palette with a neat magnetic closure. You open it and you have a small tutorial to show you how to use it. You have 3 matt powder shades.

The first is a light, matt cream highlighter with a velvety texture. The middle shade is a warm bronzer, which is good for all skin tones.The third shade is a cool tone grey, dusky colour to give you shadow.  All three shades are well pigmented, soft and easy to blend with.

I like all three shades but the one I use the most is the third shade with a fan brush to give lovely definition to the cheeks, it really gives a slim look to the face.






March Favourites.


Hi Everybody,

Hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing Easter.

I’ve been loving lots of body products this month.


Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Wash – This is my first product from Soap & Glory. Other bloggers rave about their products but I have never tried any. My body wash finished and popped in to my favourite shop, Boots to buy some more and I decided to try this one. It’s a big bottle with a pump action, the consistency is very creamy and the scent reminds of a Jo Malone fragrance.  It really leaves the skin feeling smooth and nicely moisturised. A really nice product with the ever-present retro packaging.

Nivea In-shower Body Moisturiser Skin Conditioner – A very long name for a simple product. It’s like a hair conditioner but for your body.  I wanted to try this for a long time when it came out. If you are lazy after showering to apply moisturising cream, you can apply this but DURING the shower. It really does a lovely job and makes your skin so silky and soft. I really love this job and I will buy again.

Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub and Body Butter.  The scrub looks and smells amazing, you want to get a spoon and eat it! You do feel that it is luxurious to use it and you could be in a spa. The body butter makes the skin feel moisturised and smooth. And you do smell like a giant raspberry!

Comvita Gentle Smoothing Cleanser –  My only new face product of the month that I have used. It is a creamy cleanser that gently removes make-up, dead skin cells, hydrates and removes impurites from your You just massage the cream into your skin and remove with warm water or us a hot cloth. As it is made with natural products and manuka honey it is gentle to the skin and slows the ageing process. A very nice product which smooths and calms the skin after a day at work.




Autograph Collection Pure Luxe Multi Blusher & Highlighter


Hi everybody,

Marks and Spencer really do a wonderful selection of beauty products now. It was just awful not so long ago but now they have taken things seriously and stock products like Nuxe, REN, Roger & Gallet. They also do their own selection of make up products under the Autograph collection. I ALWAYS look in M&S when I’m in town just to see what they have in stock that’s new.

When I saw the blusher from the Autograph collection, I thought it was a beautiful design, like a 3D flower even though Chanel’s Jardine De Chanel looks similar. The blusher is ‘soft coral’ shade and It will be great for all skin types I feel. The great thing is you can build up the colour for a more intense effect.

The Highlighter has the identical 3D flower design  as the blusher. The name is ‘Pearl’ and the colour looks like a pearl. I do like a highlighter with a bit of shimmer rather than matt. It gives you a beautiful sheen. It is quite pigmented so you only need a small amount when you are applying it.

I have tried the eye shadows from Autograph and have been very impressed by them. I do like the blusher and the highlighters very much but compared to L’ Oreal and Max Factor’s similar products , they are quite expensive at £12.50 each. I must admit though,  I could stare at them all day!