On My Nails: Spring Blossom Look!



IMG_3082 (1)



Hi Everybody,

I have been inspired by the lovely spring blossom on the trees that we have here at the moment. So today using my newly bought sky blue nail polish from Laqa & Co (New Fangled is the name) I created a look on my nails.

Laqa & Co are a New York based company  with a limited product range here in the UK. I was lucky to buy two of their nail polishes from Heals in Brighton. This is a beautiful shade of blue in my view, the packaging is neat and cute. A long bottle which looks like a lip gloss as it is a tall and slender bottle. It is a lovely quality polish, no streaking and I have found I only used one coat rather than having to put on a few extra coats and it dries very quickly.  The box is cute with a pop-art inspired image on it.

When you paint your nails, you can do a bit of nail art and I decided to do a white flower with a little pink in the middle with a nail dot tool.  I think the colour is perfect and is a perfect spring look to it. What do you think?

R xx







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