Chanel ‘Misia’ Perfume Event!


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Hi Everybody,

I have mentioned before in a previous post regarding my membership of the Perfume Society, which promotes the love of perfume to everybody. As a VIP member, you are invited to perfume related events, I would love to go to all of them but that isn’t possible!

On St George’s day, April 23rd an event for the new Le Exclusifs Chanel perfume, Misia was announced to be held at Chanel New Bond Street in London. My eyes popped out, jaw dropped and a let out a pinched scream in pure excitement! I had the day off on this day from work!!

This was the first time I had been to a Chanel boutique and we were taken upstairs and were greeted by Perfume Society’s Jo Fairley and Joanna Norman from Chanel Perfume.

The event was to introduce the new exclusive Chanel perfume, Misia. These editions are only available from Chanel boutiques and online. Misia Sert was a close friend of Coco Chanel and introduced her to art and the great artists of the day.

The event started by explaining the reasons in creating the new perfume and the breakdown of how the scent was made. We were introduced to the bases of the perfume, the two different kinds of roses which from the base to it and the added components. It was very interesting to hear the opinions of the small audience on the smells and how each person reacts differently to it.

It was a lovely experience to hear how a perfume is made and the complex process in making it.

I will post my feeling on the Misia soon.

Thank you to the Perfume Society and Chanel for such a lovely experience.




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