World of Coco Chanel In Books.


Hi Everybody,

As a lover of all things  in beauty and fashion, one name stands out amongst them all: Coco Chanel. With so many books out there on Chanel and her life and creations, I have picked out a few that I have been reading recently.

I have recently finished the Lisa Chaney book Chanel: An Intimate Life. I wanted a biography of her to know about her life and how she started with nothing as a orphan to one who created the Chanel brand and became one of the most famous woman who has ever lived. The book does show her not to be a  very nice person but her story and how she built a brand is inspirational to all women.

Vogue:Coco Chanel is a small illustrated biography on her and her influence on fashion. Images from Vogue’s archives shows her work and her influences. A nice introduction if you don’t want to read any of her biographies but want a quick overview about her.

Edmonde Charles Roux’s The World Of Coco Chanel: Friends, Fashion Fame This is a  beautifully illustrated book with writings on her lovers, friends and fashion throughout her life. More of a photographic collection of her life and the world around her that you can dip into and enjoy.

Chanel: Collection and Creations by Daniele Bott take 5 of her most famous things that she created or loved and explains why they are so important to Chanel and how she created them. The Suit, The Camellia, Jewellery, Fragrance & Beauty and The Black Dress(why not the quilted bag?) are all discussed in this beautiful book. Lots of images and one of the best books out there on Chanel.

One book I haven’t started yet is one of the few books about Chanel’s perfumes out there. The Secret Of Chanel No. 5 by Tilar J Mazzeo. The book is a biography of the perfume, it ‘s rise to iconic status as the most perfume in the world.I can’t wait to start it.

Here are just five of the many books covering her life and creations, that I am sure I will be purchasing more on this extraordinary woman.



Micellar Cleansing Waters Review


Hi Everybody,

Micellar cleansing waters are so popular in removing your make-up today. The most famous is Bioderma’s, popular with make up artists and bloggers around the world. Now it seems all companies are creating their own version of the classic Bioderma.

I won’t talk about the Bioderma (from £5.99 for 250ml on the web), it is loved by all who use it, so I will look at a few of the other micellar cleansing waters in the market.

First up is Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water (£4.19 for 400ml) This feels like the Bioderma when I use it. It removes make-up very well, doesn’t leave a greasy feeling and importantly it doesn’t sting the face.

Another affordable alternative is Boot’s Botanics Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution All Bright (£2.99 for 250ml). Very similar to Garnier with added natural AHA to act as a mild exfoliator on the skin. Removes make up very well and does a good job for the price.

The last one I have tried is Superdrug’s B. Pure Micellar Water (£4.99 for 150ml)I have to say I was very disappointed by this product. It says it is good for all skin types, even the most sensitive. I was not impressed by it’s qualities to remove the make up,I really had to rub to remove the make up. To make things worse,  it really stung my eyes and irritated them and I stopped using it immediately. A waste of money in my view compared to Garniers and Botanics. Expensive too compared to them and I do not recommend this product.

They are so many Micellar waters on the market, I will continue to try differentones and I would do another review in the future.

All products were bought by myself.


Real Technique Brushes!


Hi Everybody,

We all have lots of make-up but sometimes we forgot we also need all types of brushes to get the best out of the make-up and create the different looks.

There is so many make-up brushes on the market, both expensive and cheap but the middle range is now so good out there which gives you quality and value.

Real Techniques are a one of the best on the market for affordable brushes for everybody. Their sets are great value which give you the variety of brushes that you need for not much outlay. The set I have is Nics Picks which contain five brushes. The two face brushes are the duo-fibre face brush and the cheek brush. The face brush is a large design with soft fibres, its great to pick up the powder and evenly distributes it over the face. The cheek brush is a softer and rounder with a tapered design, great to for using blusher. The three eye brushes which make up the set are a angled shadow brush, base shadow brush and the eyeliner brush. The angled shadow brush is shaped to fit into the crease of the eye, I like to use it to blend in. The base shadow brush ( Nics favourite) is great to blend with and also good for applying concealer. The eyeliner brush is the one I use for eyebrows, the flick look. A great angled brush, like this, is a must-have in your brush collection. I had a MAC 266 angled brush and the bristles fell out and it was much more expensive than this one!

These were a birthday present from my sister and aunt and they are very good quality for the price and I am delighted to have them in my brush collection and I look forward to buying more of their brushes.



Chanel Misia Perfume Review.


Coco Chanel & Misia Sert arm in arm together.


Hi Everybody,

In April, the perfume society organized an event in New Bond Street for the new Chanel Le Exclusifs perfume, Misia. This is the first fragrance from Olivier Polge since he took over from his father Jacques as the in house perfumer for Chanel.

The perfume is named after Misia Sert, a close friend of Coco Chanel who introduced to her to art, music and theatre and was an influence to Coco in her life.

The perfume is an extraordinary perfume from the everyday ones we use. Notes of Iris root, Turkish rose,  Grasse rose, violet, tonka bean, benzoin and sandalwood. It reminds me of my aunts’s lipsticks when I was a child. When I was small, I sneaked and had a look at her cosmetic bag and the smell of this perfume takes me back to then. The first impression is of the 1920s and the heavy scent of roses and  compact powder, it feels old-fashioned but with a modern touch. The dry down is a floral and woodier scent perfect for the evenings.

It is a grown up perfume, sophisticated and feminine for the modern woman. I like it and it’s like nothing else.


Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition.







Hi everybody,

I recently went to the V&A museum to visit the Alexander Mcqueen exhibition. He was a true artist with a unique view, who pushed the boundaries of fashion. He was a strong, poetic and theatrical artist.

Here are two of my favourite quotes from him.

‘I want people to be afraid of the woman I dress’

I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it’



April Favourites!


Hello Everybody,

Just wanted to share my favourite things I have used in the last month. These are not new products on the market but new to me!

I have two eyebrow products. first up is the BeautyUK high brow all in one brow definiton kit. This came to me as part of the latest in beauty spring edition box. It is an affordable product, found here in the UK at Superdrug. The kit consists of colours for all types of person according to their colour. It is quite pigmented so you only need a small amount of the product on whatever brush you use ( I use an angled brush) It helps to define the look you want. Beauty editors and writers like this product and I can see why!

The second eyebrow product is the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil. This is the first Soap & Glory make up product I have used and I have not been disappointed. It has two ends, the thin marker is good for drawing a natural line to your eyebrows to draw the hairs. The second end is a pencil to give you a more defined, intense look.  It is so easy to work with this pencil and I will be buying it again.

I had been saving my Dior ‘Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara’ but I realised I had to use it before it dried out! It is a luxury and I have never used a high-end mascara before and you know why it is high-end! It is a wonderful product and for the price it should be! It has a fantastic shape to the brush and it really grips to the eyelash to give it a wonderful look. Can I go back to the ordinary mascara after this! 🙂

I have been using 2 blushes this month, the Autograph Pure Luxe Multi-Blusher in ‘soft coral’. I did a separate review on this product last month and I still love it as it is a lovely spring blusher. The second blusher is from Model Co Creme Rouge Cheek & Lip ‘Just Peachy’. Such a beautiful name for a blusher, this is the first time I have used a creme blush, I was never sure if it looked right on me. It has stunned me on how good it is and I will be doing a review on how it looks on me very soon. In the future I will be buying more creme blushes!

Two lip products, Firstly Body Shop Colour Crush Shine No 14 Magenta Rouge Lipstick. I never got around to buying any of the colour crush range as I couldn’t choose what to buy! So one day I decided to buy one and choose No 14 as it is a beautiful magenta colour, I do feel sexy when I wear it!! Lasts a very long time even when eating.

The final lip product is Bourjois Shine Edition 27 ‘Oh My Doll’ Lipstick is a product that has been around for a bit but it is a girly pink lipstick. I do like shiny lipsticks and like the Body Shop one, it lasts a long time.

These are my April favourites but I love everything I have bought. I don’t buy online as I love to go into the shops to see and try the products. I love going into the shops and looking for the products as I know I don’t waste my money buying online and being disappointed when it arrives. I love shopping!



Laura Mercier Artist Palette.


Hi Everybody,

I do like a good eye palette, I really like SpaceNK but I LOVE a bargain! Happily I managed all three! I purchased this during the SpaceNK online sale that they do after Christmas. Laura Mercier Artist Palette is a truly lovely quality product. The luxurious smooth zebra pattern feels like silk, it doesn’t like a make-up product. You open up with the magnetic opening and you reveal a lovely size mirror with the engraved Laura Mercier at the bottom corner of it. It looks beautiful.

In the middle is the face powder pressed with her signature, I don’t won’t to touch it but the quality is very nice. Either side are 2 blocks of quad eye shadows, the one on the left is I think autumnal shades with a lovely grey-blue, a pewter, a grey-brown and a vanilla shade. I haven’t tried these yet because I feel they are cooler shades perfect for autumn time.

The other quad are warmer with pinkish tones. They have a Cashmere colour which has a warm pinkish purple shade. A Topaz which is a silver pink tone perfect for the eyelid, Morning Dew which is a very light milky tone which is perfect for highlighting the brow bone and Crystal Beige which is a pink-brown perfect for a smoky effect These are the ones I have used a lot and they are so easy to blend with lovely pigmentation to them. They easy to apply just using one shade or blend together.

This is a lovely palette which I will get a lot of use from as the colours are lovely and so easy to apply with. Well worth  the money in my opinion.

R xx

Vogue Festival 2015!





Bobbi Brown and me .

Bobbi Brown and me .








Me on Vogue cover.

Me on Vogue cover.



Hi everybody,

I wanted to share my thoughts on the Vogue Festival held in London last weekend. This was my visit and definitely not my last! The event was held in 2 locations, the main part of the festival was at the Royal College of Art and the talks were held at the Royal Geographical Society. The festival consisted of workshop, events and talks by some of the most famous names in the beauty and fashion industry. You could have make-up done by Bobbi Brown beauty experts, hairs by Kerastase and nails by Topshop (very popular with a very long list of girls waiting!) One of the great things was for £10 to have a Vogue contributing photographer photographing you so you could have your own Vogue cover. What a great idea and of course I had to have that done!

The talks consisted of people from fashion designers, beauty, photography and modelling including John Galliano, Christian Louboutin, Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton.  I could have picked so many interesting talks  to attend but I decided to buy tickets for the Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton event. It was a very enjoyable and funny talk on how they have reached the top of their profession and advice on how to get there. Both are inspiring role models for women across the world.

I was lucky enough to meet Bobbi Brown when we just arrived. It was a pleasure to meet her as she is such an inspiring woman and she was so charming and pleasant and happily posed for a few photographs. I really wanted to cry as I have always wanted to meet her. Thank you to Bobbi and the very nice PA who was looking after who allowed us to meet her!

It was a great show and I look forward to seeing who and what will be there next year.

Thank you Vogue!


R xx