Vogue Festival 2015!





Bobbi Brown and me .

Bobbi Brown and me .








Me on Vogue cover.

Me on Vogue cover.



Hi everybody,

I wanted to share my thoughts on the Vogue Festival held in London last weekend. This was my visit and definitely not my last! The event was held in 2 locations, the main part of the festival was at the Royal College of Art and the talks were held at the Royal Geographical Society. The festival consisted of workshop, events and talks by some of the most famous names in the beauty and fashion industry. You could have make-up done by Bobbi Brown beauty experts, hairs by Kerastase and nails by Topshop (very popular with a very long list of girls waiting!) One of the great things was for £10 to have a Vogue contributing photographer photographing you so you could have your own Vogue cover. What a great idea and of course I had to have that done!

The talks consisted of people from fashion designers, beauty, photography and modelling including John Galliano, Christian Louboutin, Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton.  I could have picked so many interesting talks  to attend but I decided to buy tickets for the Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton event. It was a very enjoyable and funny talk on how they have reached the top of their profession and advice on how to get there. Both are inspiring role models for women across the world.

I was lucky enough to meet Bobbi Brown when we just arrived. It was a pleasure to meet her as she is such an inspiring woman and she was so charming and pleasant and happily posed for a few photographs. I really wanted to cry as I have always wanted to meet her. Thank you to Bobbi and the very nice PA who was looking after who allowed us to meet her!

It was a great show and I look forward to seeing who and what will be there next year.

Thank you Vogue!


R xx



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