April Favourites!


Hello Everybody,

Just wanted to share my favourite things I have used in the last month. These are not new products on the market but new to me!

I have two eyebrow products. first up is the BeautyUK high brow all in one brow definiton kit. This came to me as part of the latest in beauty spring edition box. It is an affordable product, found here in the UK at Superdrug. The kit consists of colours for all types of person according to their colour. It is quite pigmented so you only need a small amount of the product on whatever brush you use ( I use an angled brush) It helps to define the look you want. Beauty editors and writers like this product and I can see why!

The second eyebrow product is the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil. This is the first Soap & Glory make up product I have used and I have not been disappointed. It has two ends, the thin marker is good for drawing a natural line to your eyebrows to draw the hairs. The second end is a pencil to give you a more defined, intense look.  It is so easy to work with this pencil and I will be buying it again.

I had been saving my Dior ‘Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara’ but I realised I had to use it before it dried out! It is a luxury and I have never used a high-end mascara before and you know why it is high-end! It is a wonderful product and for the price it should be! It has a fantastic shape to the brush and it really grips to the eyelash to give it a wonderful look. Can I go back to the ordinary mascara after this! 🙂

I have been using 2 blushes this month, the Autograph Pure Luxe Multi-Blusher in ‘soft coral’. I did a separate review on this product last month and I still love it as it is a lovely spring blusher. The second blusher is from Model Co Creme Rouge Cheek & Lip ‘Just Peachy’. Such a beautiful name for a blusher, this is the first time I have used a creme blush, I was never sure if it looked right on me. It has stunned me on how good it is and I will be doing a review on how it looks on me very soon. In the future I will be buying more creme blushes!

Two lip products, Firstly Body Shop Colour Crush Shine No 14 Magenta Rouge Lipstick. I never got around to buying any of the colour crush range as I couldn’t choose what to buy! So one day I decided to buy one and choose No 14 as it is a beautiful magenta colour, I do feel sexy when I wear it!! Lasts a very long time even when eating.

The final lip product is Bourjois Shine Edition 27 ‘Oh My Doll’ Lipstick is a product that has been around for a bit but it is a girly pink lipstick. I do like shiny lipsticks and like the Body Shop one, it lasts a long time.

These are my April favourites but I love everything I have bought. I don’t buy online as I love to go into the shops to see and try the products. I love going into the shops and looking for the products as I know I don’t waste my money buying online and being disappointed when it arrives. I love shopping!




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