Real Technique Brushes!


Hi Everybody,

We all have lots of make-up but sometimes we forgot we also need all types of brushes to get the best out of the make-up and create the different looks.

There is so many make-up brushes on the market, both expensive and cheap but the middle range is now so good out there which gives you quality and value.

Real Techniques are a one of the best on the market for affordable brushes for everybody. Their sets are great value which give you the variety of brushes that you need for not much outlay. The set I have is Nics Picks which contain five brushes. The two face brushes are the duo-fibre face brush and the cheek brush. The face brush is a large design with soft fibres, its great to pick up the powder and evenly distributes it over the face. The cheek brush is a softer and rounder with a tapered design, great to for using blusher. The three eye brushes which make up the set are a angled shadow brush, base shadow brush and the eyeliner brush. The angled shadow brush is shaped to fit into the crease of the eye, I like to use it to blend in. The base shadow brush ( Nics favourite) is great to blend with and also good for applying concealer. The eyeliner brush is the one I use for eyebrows, the flick look. A great angled brush, like this, is a must-have in your brush collection. I had a MAC 266 angled brush and the bristles fell out and it was much more expensive than this one!

These were a birthday present from my sister and aunt and they are very good quality for the price and I am delighted to have them in my brush collection and I look forward to buying more of their brushes.




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