World of Coco Chanel In Books.


Hi Everybody,

As a lover of all things  in beauty and fashion, one name stands out amongst them all: Coco Chanel. With so many books out there on Chanel and her life and creations, I have picked out a few that I have been reading recently.

I have recently finished the Lisa Chaney book Chanel: An Intimate Life. I wanted a biography of her to know about her life and how she started with nothing as a orphan to one who created the Chanel brand and became one of the most famous woman who has ever lived. The book does show her not to be a  very nice person but her story and how she built a brand is inspirational to all women.

Vogue:Coco Chanel is a small illustrated biography on her and her influence on fashion. Images from Vogue’s archives shows her work and her influences. A nice introduction if you don’t want to read any of her biographies but want a quick overview about her.

Edmonde Charles Roux’s The World Of Coco Chanel: Friends, Fashion Fame This is a  beautifully illustrated book with writings on her lovers, friends and fashion throughout her life. More of a photographic collection of her life and the world around her that you can dip into and enjoy.

Chanel: Collection and Creations by Daniele Bott take 5 of her most famous things that she created or loved and explains why they are so important to Chanel and how she created them. The Suit, The Camellia, Jewellery, Fragrance & Beauty and The Black Dress(why not the quilted bag?) are all discussed in this beautiful book. Lots of images and one of the best books out there on Chanel.

One book I haven’t started yet is one of the few books about Chanel’s perfumes out there. The Secret Of Chanel No. 5 by Tilar J Mazzeo. The book is a biography of the perfume, it ‘s rise to iconic status as the most perfume in the world.I can’t wait to start it.

Here are just five of the many books covering her life and creations, that I am sure I will be purchasing more on this extraordinary woman.




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