Impulse Buys!





Hi Everybody,

I spy with my little eye,

Lots of beauty products I have to try!

Here are some of my impulse buys from Boots, Body Shop and Kiko.

First up from Boots, Maybelline Lash Sensational Multiplying Mascara – It’s OK, prefer the Bourjois to be honest. Doesn’t seem to make fuller at all, makes longer and separates and hard to take off.

Sleek Nautical Collection True Colour Lipstick in ‘Reddy to Sail’ – it’s a semi-matte, moisturizing  lipstick in a true red colour.

I also bought the Clarins Make up set. Four travel size products which contains BB Skin Perfecting Cream, Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, Be Long Mascara and Blush Prodige in No2.  I do like these little kits as they give you the chance to try before you buy. The blusher in particular is excellent and the colour is amazing.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water is OK, doesn’t sting but struggles to take off Maybelline Mascara! There are lots of these on the market and I think they are better ones out there.

Clearasil Rapid Action Pads are wet exfoliator pads which helps to reduce spots and redness. So far so good.

Indeed Labratories Exfoliator Powder  is a physical chemical powder and is similar to Dermalogical’s Daily Microfoliant. You mix with water and you turn it into a foam and apply to face. It brightens skin leaving it soft and smooth. I haven’t used much but it seems to work and is suitable for all skin types.

Body Shop lipsticks are really great in my opinion. I picked up Colour Crash Shine in No18 ‘Sunset Romance’ – This range is lovely and great quality, this is a peachy-coral lipstick and all the range have a delicate fragrance. Some people don’t like lipsticks that have a slight smell to them but I do and I must buy all the range!

Kiko are a great brand, nice quality and wonderful value for money. Their new store in Brighton was packed with people so I managed to snare a few things. Soft Touch Blush 108 in ‘Orange Coral’ is a powder blush in a soft peachy colour (I’m going through a peachy phase!) You can use it for a natural look or build a dramatic look with it.

I purchased a Long Lasting eyeshadow stick 25 in ‘Light Taupe’. It’s a nice grey colour which you can mix as a base colour with browns. Really loving it.

Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner, is according to the sales assistant, the best-selling product from Kiko. I thought it would be too difficult but it goes on perfectly. The colour is a really intense black and it takes a while to take it off even when using micellar cleansing water!

I re-purchased Weleda Refining Toner which is a great product, made with witch hazel and is one of my favourites.

I have great hopes for Miji’s All in One Essence, I’m hoping it will be as good as their fabled storage!

I discovered Waitrose’s Essential Cosmetic Tipped Cotton Buds and they are essential for tidying up or blend in eyeshadows. They are now invaluable for my kit.

I hope my little eye will not be disappointed by my impulse buys as I use them more often!






Products I like in My Shower!




Everybody loves shower or bath time and of course everybody likes to pamper yourself  and to be a shower goddess. Everybody has their favourites for a shower, so I thought I would share the shower products I am using at the moment.

First up is the shower gel and at the moment I am using Aussie Fresh Mate Body Wash. This is a new range for them as they are well-known for their hair products. The smell is just heavenly, just like chewing gum to me and really leaves my skin wonderfully clean.

I do like a good body scrub and I have four different options and I am loving it.  I usually swap them around according to my moods. I have Laughing Birds Lemon and Walnut ( I have reviewed this before) Body Shop Blueberry Body Scrub Gelee, which smells like jam and you want to eat as it smells delicious. Stenders Apricot Sugar Scrub, which is a recent purchase from Latvia. This is an amazing scrub, it exfoliates  and moisturizes at the same time. When you come out of the shower you can really smell it on you. I have a tester of Balance Me Super Toning Body Polish. It has natural ingredients and has a unique organic smell to it!

I use Nivea’s In-Shower Body Moisturiser, this is my second bottle. I apply this when I don’t have time to put on body cream after showering. It gives you the option and is a wonderful product.

My Veet Razor, well, all girls need one of these! I never have problems when using Veet products.

I tend to change my hair products once I have finished something, I just keep buying different makers as there is so  many to try! At the moment, I’m using Tresemme Cleanser Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner. Very good products and leave my hair looking nice. I also use Dove Pure Care Dry Oil and L’Oreal’s Elvive Extraordinary Oil to treat my hairs once a week with them.

So, there is my shower routine at the moment. I do like changing products and use something else. There is so many great products out there to try it’s a shame not to try as many as you can! Life would be boring if you stuck to some old products.




Holiday Snaps.







Jelgava Palace by the river Lielupe.

Jelgava Palace by the river Lielupe.





Riga view from St Peters Church.

Riga view from St Peters Church.


St Peters Church and House of Blackheads in Rigas Old town.

St Peters Church and House of Blackheads in Rigas Old town.

Latvian cuisine   LIDO VĒRMANĪTIS best bistro in Riga

Latvian cuisine LIDO VĒRMANĪTIS best bistro in Riga

My best holiday snaps with my Fuji camera gift by my brother in law Mark .

My best holiday snaps with my Fuji camera gift by my brother in law Mark .


Hi Everybody,

Just thought I should share some of my Latvian holiday pictures to show how beautiful Latvia can be. Like everybody, who don’t live in the country, it’s wonderful to see family, eat the food you miss and relive the atmosphere of your home.


Princesse Marina De Bourbon EDP.



Hi Everybody,

One of the things I enjoy when I visit home is the different products you see that you do not get in the UK. stores (apart from ordering online!) The perfume sections at, Douglas, for example stocked Lanvin, Caroline Herrera, Lolita Lempicka and Princesse Marina de Bourbon. If you go into a Boots or Debenhams here in the UK, you wouldn’t find many of their perfumes but in Latvia you can!

I purchased a perfume from the Marina de Bourbon range. Firstly I thought a bit of history about the company would be good. The company was founded in 1994 by Marina Gacry, whose husband is Prince André of Bourbon-Parma, a member of the ancient Bourbon of Parma Dynasty whose members ruled over France, Navarre, the Kingdom of Naples, the Duchy of Parma and still to this day over the throne of Spain. Longing for a new creative outlet, Princesse Marina wished to create perfume and signed a license with Gilles Pommereau.The first fragrance, Marina de Bourbon, was launched in 1994 and the one I will be reviewing. Since 1994, 38 perfumes have been created.

The first thing to note is the lovely, elongated shape of the bottle with the frosted-like cap. The box is a simple marine stripes of white and blue, the favorite colours of Marina Gacry.

The fragrance itself is a heady mix of sweetness, fruits, mainly peaches and pears and exotic fruits. The dry down is the warmth of vanilla ylangylang, and jasmine and goes to a nice, floral scent without being sickly or powdery.  The perfume is long lasting and would be nice for warm summer or autumnal days. I think this perfume is a perfect feminine scent without being too girly, a mature sweet perfume if that makes sense.


Beauty Shopping In Latvia!








Hi Everybody,

It’s been too long since I posted on my blog but if you follow me on Instagram @revitadaktinasmith I went back to my home country of Latvia in July for 2 weeks. Unfortunately we were the victims of a break-in so we have been dealing with all that since then. They are people in this world who would rather steal the hard earned efforts of others than work for things themselves. Tears have been shed on the things we have lost but thank God no one was hurt.

It was great to relax but of course it was great to shop for beauty things made in Latvia and also to buy things one wouldn’t normally find in the UK but are available in Latvia.

In the old town of Riga, we visited a shop which it was devoted to all things honey. Organic honey, hand made pottery, hand made candles as we do love honey! It also stocked organic products so I purchased from Marleo Bio natural cosmetics aroma cranberry face scrub. It smells heavenly and you could almost eat it! Its ingredients are very interesting and includes cranberries, sea salt, amber, g butter, marigold oil, beeswax, rapsberry and orange oils.I have slapped some on and it’s not as abrasive as you might think. I also purchased from the same line, a lip balm made from cranberries and it is quite oily as it has seabuckthorn oil in it.It also has amber in it and it is a very nice lip balm.

If you visit Riga you have to go Stockmann and visit this great department store. The ground floor has all the makes from the beauty world. MAC, Chanel, Dior etc. I avoided these and went straight to the Latvian makers. BiO2you are 100% natural extracts and oils I purchased the Seabuckthorn Face Scrub. it contains Aloe Vera, Sunflower, Chamomile and of course Seabuckthorn. Madara is probably the most recognized Latvian beauty products, Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan of their products and you can see why. Lovely quality and not that expensive. I bought the Hand Cream and the hands do feel velvety and the hands smell like marzipan!  I picked up 2 products from Organix Cosmetix, an Israeli beauty company. I haven’t tried either the day cream or the face serum but they were quite reasonable priced and they do use certified organic products so I will post a review shortly.

Stenders is Latvian’s version of The Body Shop/ Lush and you know how much I love Body Shop! I only picked up 2 things but wanted to buy everything! They have a lovely range of bath bombs and oils and also use natural ingredients in their products. I purchased the Apricot Sugar Scrub with added oat flakes, grape seed oil, sugar crystals. It is more oily than the ones you get in the UK so it moisturizes and exfoliates your skin. I also bought another Hand Cream , this time in Cranberry. It’s texture is quite velvety so it absorbs very quickly as it has shea butter in it.

Douglas are a German owned beauty shop, think Boots but smaller ranges but very high quality with brands from all over the world as well as their own ranges. I purchased from Isadora who are a Swedish company. The packaging isn’t great but I did like the quad eyeshadow (35 Pearls). They are a creamy silky feel to them, easy to blend with nice pigmentation and very little fallout from them.

I will do a more in-depth review of the products later,