Princesse Marina De Bourbon EDP.



Hi Everybody,

One of the things I enjoy when I visit home is the different products you see that you do not get in the UK. stores (apart from ordering online!) The perfume sections at, Douglas, for example stocked Lanvin, Caroline Herrera, Lolita Lempicka and Princesse Marina de Bourbon. If you go into a Boots or Debenhams here in the UK, you wouldn’t find many of their perfumes but in Latvia you can!

I purchased a perfume from the Marina de Bourbon range. Firstly I thought a bit of history about the company would be good. The company was founded in 1994 by Marina Gacry, whose husband is Prince André of Bourbon-Parma, a member of the ancient Bourbon of Parma Dynasty whose members ruled over France, Navarre, the Kingdom of Naples, the Duchy of Parma and still to this day over the throne of Spain. Longing for a new creative outlet, Princesse Marina wished to create perfume and signed a license with Gilles Pommereau.The first fragrance, Marina de Bourbon, was launched in 1994 and the one I will be reviewing. Since 1994, 38 perfumes have been created.

The first thing to note is the lovely, elongated shape of the bottle with the frosted-like cap. The box is a simple marine stripes of white and blue, the favorite colours of Marina Gacry.

The fragrance itself is a heady mix of sweetness, fruits, mainly peaches and pears and exotic fruits. The dry down is the warmth of vanilla ylangylang, and jasmine and goes to a nice, floral scent without being sickly or powdery.  The perfume is long lasting and would be nice for warm summer or autumnal days. I think this perfume is a perfect feminine scent without being too girly, a mature sweet perfume if that makes sense.



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