September Favourites!




Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to share my favourite things I used last month.


I used 2 cleansers last month, the first one is Sukin’s Cream Cleanser. This is an Australian, natural product suitable for all skin types. I bought this from Infinity Foods in Brighton but I did see that Holland & Barratt are now selling their products so it might be easier to find here in the UK . The packaging is very good with a really good pump action. The product itself is free from parabens and sulphate. It is quite gentle on the skin and the smell is pleasant. I look forward to trying more products from Sukin.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse was a sample I received from SpaceNK for my birthday. This is completely different from Sukin. It feels like a thicker, oily balm when you rub it into your skin but you need to add water to turn into a milky formula. It feel like a luxurious product and is well worth the price.

Boots Botanics Purifying Face Scrub All Bright is suitable for all skin types and the first thing to say is that the smell is wonderful!  It is a creamy consistency with added walnut shell and crushed apricot seeds. The skin feels soft with no bumpiness to it. Not that expensive and worth every penny.

Boots Botanics Facial Oil is 100% organic with rosehip. I do love oils at the moment and my skin does too! I apply this before I go to bed as my skin needs it then. The smell is pleasant and you massage it thoroughly. You do get what you pay for with facial oils and it’s probably best to pay a bit more but overall it is a very good budget product.

AD Skin Synergy  Nourishing Night Treatment Aromatic Facial Oil was a sample I tried. This is a perfect example of paying a bit more for facial oils. It quickly absorbs and easily into the skin.My skin feels so different when you use it. It has taught to more to spend a bit more on quality skin products!

Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream is always with me with I use them Easily absorbs into the skin and you really notice the difference when using the Body Shop hand creams. They smell great and your mood is lifted when you smell them!


Clarins Blush Prodigy in ‘Soft Peach’. This is the first time I have used Clarins products and I can see why so many women use Clarins and nothing else. A lovely soft colour that stays on all day.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in ‘Seductive Pink’ is highly pigmented so you do have to be careful if you don’t want the baby doll look. A gorgeous looking colour with a tinge of purple, perfect for autumn.

Max Factor Excess Shimmer in ‘Copper’ is a creme eyeshadow that follows Maybelline’s Eye Tattoo. You can use as a base or just on its own to give you whatever effect you are looking for. A very good product.

Kiko Long Lasting Eye Shadow Sticks in 05 and 25 are perfect if you are in a rush. Both are great colours that don’t move and set well and easy to us and apply. I do love Kiko products as they are great value for money.

MAC Lustre Lipstick in ‘Lustering’ is my second MAC lipstick. This is a beautiful lipstick in smell, colour, packaging everything. It is a gorgeous raspberry lipstick that stays on all day, I’m a bit behind on MAC lipsticks but I know why people love them!



Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom EDP.



Hi Everybody,

I’m always intrigued by the combinations of ingredients Jo Malone perfumes are made from. Earl Grey & Cucumber, Lime, Basil and Mandarin. Who thinks them up? But of course they are people who have that unique ability to do just that. Once smelt you cannot forget the scent and fall in love with them.

This is my second bottle of a Jo Malone fragrance (You can read my review of English Pear & Freesia)and is a warmer, spicier, floral scent compared to Pear & Freesia. You begin with a rush of floral and could almost give you a headache but it does warm down and  the spiciness of the cardamon comes through. It almost feels it goes from feminine to a subtle masculine tone! Imagine going from a garden to a market full of spices. The notes of the perfume also jump from floral to spicy and back to floral.   It could almost be a unisex fragrance with these constant patterns of changes in the notes.

As we move into autumn and those rainy days this is a perfect scent with all that lovely spiciness and warmth, perfect for a Indian summer!