Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom EDP.



Hi Everybody,

I’m always intrigued by the combinations of ingredients Jo Malone perfumes are made from. Earl Grey & Cucumber, Lime, Basil and Mandarin. Who thinks them up? But of course they are people who have that unique ability to do just that. Once smelt you cannot forget the scent and fall in love with them.

This is my second bottle of a Jo Malone fragrance (You can read my review of English Pear & Freesia)and is a warmer, spicier, floral scent compared to Pear & Freesia. You begin with a rush of floral and could almost give you a headache but it does warm down and  the spiciness of the cardamon comes through. It almost feels it goes from feminine to a subtle masculine tone! Imagine going from a garden to a market full of spices. The notes of the perfume also jump from floral to spicy and back to floral.   It could almost be a unisex fragrance with these constant patterns of changes in the notes.

As we move into autumn and those rainy days this is a perfect scent with all that lovely spiciness and warmth, perfect for a Indian summer!




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