V&A Book Event with Odette Toilette.





Hi Everybody,

One of the great benefits of being a member of the V&A is the chance of attending events which talk about something you love. I was intrigued by a new book on perfume ‘A century of Scents’ by Lizzie Ostrom AKA Odette Toilette. Imagine my delight when I saw in the V&A magazine, tickets for a talk by Lizzie about her new book. I want the book and I want to attend the talk!

Quickly buying the tickets I couldn’t wait for the day.

It soon arrived and after the closure of the museum for the day, we were allowed to pass through the museum with no one around and ushered into the lecture hall for the event.  It was lovely to see a total sell-out to hear Lizzie’s talk about her book and talk through the decades of perfumes from the 1900s to the 1990s that she talks about in the book. Her funny stories about the fragrances in history and the strange marketing and publicity stunts that perfume companies get up to to sell their perfumes. We were also treated to testing samples that have influenced our taste in perfume.

It was a lovely evening to hear someone who not only loves perfume but also to describe perfumes in such a beautiful way and how perfumes affect our lives.

I did rush down and purchased the book and was delighted to meet her and have the book dedicated to me. A delightful and warm person and it was wonderful to meet her.




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