Glitter for New Year’s Party!



Hi Everybody,

We are near the end of 2015 so if you are going to a New Year’s party you must have a bit of glitter and sparkle to celebrate the festive season and the New Year.

I did two types of nail design, both quick and easy to do which you can do with any colour you have..

First design I decided to use a red nail polish. (I decided to use Body Shop’s ‘Relish the Moment’) I put on a base coat and then applied 2 coats of the nail polish and waited for it to dry.  I then put on Nails Inc ‘Cliveden Place’silver glitter. I applied on half of your nail and built up a thick coating of glitter on them. I then applied a top coat.



My second design, I used base coat and applied ‘Relish the Moment’ again and let them dry. Then I drew a line and painted half nail with Nails Inc ‘Grosvenor Crescent’ which is a deep aubergine colour ( you can choose any dark shade of nail polish you have). When it dried I used Cliveden Place glitter again and drew between the two shades of colour. I applied a nice thick coat of glitter to give a nice look to it. If you don’t have any glitter nail polish, you can use a clear top coat and confetti glitter to give the same effect.



I hope you love the nail designs and I hope you have fun using glitter nail polishes.

Have a sparkly and glittery New Year!


Quick Dry Your Nails!


Hi Everybody,

Hope everybody enjoyed their Christmas and now looking towards the New Year. If you are going out to celebrate 2016 you don’t want to waste time getting your nails ready for your party, so here are a few tips and recommendations to get things right for the night.

My favourite product to dry the nails fast is Mavala’s MavaDry. It is a large bottle ( just like a bottle of hairspray) for the product that lasts a long time. It is a quick drying spray that dries the nail polish very quickly and easily with a fine mist. It doesn’t leave greasiness or residue and is odourless. It also helps to prevent excess chipping to the nail polish. I throughly recommend this product. Mavala also do a nail vanish with brush if you don’t want the spray version. This product is also very good.

OPI Rapidry is also very good. It is available in different sizes so I bought the smaller bottle to test it and it is very good. It also produces a fine mist, odourless and is very quick drying and chipping is kept to a minimum.

Seche Vite quick drying top coat is a winner of various awards. It has a quick drying formula but it chipped my nail vanish the next day so for me it was a disappointment as it doesn’t protect from chipping but it’s drying was good if you wanted to use for just one day.

So get ready your nails for the party time and enjoy the New Year!



Flower by Kenzo L’Elixir EDP.



Hi Everybody,

I had to talk about the new Kenzo perfume called L’Elixir which was launched this year. I was very happy to receive this perfume as a winner from the Perfume Society 12 days countdown to Christmas giveaway.

We must start with the bottle, which has the shape of a flower stem, a thin elongated shape in a burgundy with a gold poppy emblem. It looks elegant and sexy.

The scent is for the sweet lover of perfumes. From the beginning you can  smell vanilla, raspberry , cherries and praline. It dries down with the vanilla been the most prominent scent and the longevity is very impressive as well as you would expect from this warm tone scent.

You can use this as a night-time fragrance but also perfect for the day time during the cold wintry months. If you like Prada Candy then you will enjoy this perfume.

I have to thank the Perfume Society for this wonderful Christmas giveaway, it has made me so happy! If you are not a member then please join this wonderful society if you love perfumes!



Estee Lalonde Nail Art Kit by The Body Shop.




Hi Everyone,

The blogger, Estee Lalonde has collaborated with The Body Shop to create a nail art kit. The kit is made up of 3 colours and you also have a nail art design card to recreate a design for your nails.

The three colours are from the Colour Crush range. A light blue (Got the Blues) , a grey (Gorgeous Grey) and a purplish-berry colour ( Deeply in Love). The colours themselves are quite muted, almost autumnal. No bright colours here. The nail polishes, as always from The Body Shop, are of a nice quality.  They are quick drying and easy to apply. I don’t usually wear these muted colours as I do prefer brighter colours but it is always good to try different colours occasionally. I created my own design by applying all three colours and using a fan brush to create an abstract design.

You can buy this kit from London Oxford Street stores but you can purchase the colours from Body Shop stores individually for £5 each.



Goodbye Dry & Chapped Lips!


Hi Everybody,

All year round we have to look after our lips but in particular during the winter months. The drop in temperature, the constant wind and the use of central heating means we get dehydrated and dry skin. Our lips in particular suffer so as they have no natural moisture so we need help for them and that’s why we use lip balms.

You have so many different options out there.  luxury, affordable and if you want, you can make our own.

I have picked out a few of my lip balms that I own.

One of the most affordable is Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Rosy Lips. It is in a very simple round tin and in old times this is what you would have used. It’s OK for a cheap option, does the job and is easy to find anywhere.

Marleo Bio is a Latvian product,it is a waxy lip balm using natural ingredients. It comes in quite a large pot and is very nice to use. I bought this in the Old Town in Riga so not easy to find in the UK!

Neals Yard make wonderful products and their Bee Lovely Busy Bee Balm is a multi -purpose balm made from beeswax. It has a very subtle smell to it and lovely to use. Proceeds also go to help the bees so even better idea to buy it.

Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve is a smooth, hydrating balm which is 100% natural. It is quite oily and quite smelly!

Malin+Goetz Lip Moisturizer  has a thick, gel like texture to it. While the oily balms massage in nicely, this one you can still feel on your lips. It is feels strange if you have never used something like this before.

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm. It feels like a luxury product as it comes in a glass pot. It has a thick texture but I use it before I go to bed and when I get up the next morning I can feel my lips are soft and the lip balm is still on them. It is quite expensive but I love this product.

Nivea Hydro Care is one of my favourites. Cheap to buy and is one of the great beauty bargains as it always does the job brilliantly. I have never been disappointed with it.

Bio Beaute by Nuxe Tinted Repairing Lip Balm doesn’t just make your lips soft and protected from dryness but also gives a bit of colour and the smell is divine. I bought this in Paris so I’m not sure if you can buy it in the UK but if you can, buy it.

Pai Bergamot Lip Balm is 100%  organic. When you apply it on our lips it feels quite oily. It does a nice job in protecting your lips.

Eos is a hard lip balm in an egg shape packaging. It’s OK, good for the handbag when you need something and the packaging is fun.

The last one was a promotion gift from a book launch. Lip balms were given out and I wish I could find more! It is probably my favourite that I have. It has a wonderful spearmint scent and is amazing on the lips. I have hit the bottom of the tin!

Don’t forgot that you should also use lip balm indoors especially if you have the heating on. You have to keep your lips soft and hydrated!

Everybody should have something in your bag, what’s your favourite lip balm?