Quick Dry Your Nails!


Hi Everybody,

Hope everybody enjoyed their Christmas and now looking towards the New Year. If you are going out to celebrate 2016 you don’t want to waste time getting your nails ready for your party, so here are a few tips and recommendations to get things right for the night.

My favourite product to dry the nails fast is Mavala’s MavaDry. It is a large bottle ( just like a bottle of hairspray) for the product that lasts a long time. It is a quick drying spray that dries the nail polish very quickly and easily with a fine mist. It doesn’t leave greasiness or residue and is odourless. It also helps to prevent excess chipping to the nail polish. I throughly recommend this product. Mavala also do a nail vanish with brush if you don’t want the spray version. This product is also very good.

OPI Rapidry is also very good. It is available in different sizes so I bought the smaller bottle to test it and it is very good. It also produces a fine mist, odourless and is very quick drying and chipping is kept to a minimum.

Seche Vite quick drying top coat is a winner of various awards. It has a quick drying formula but it chipped my nail vanish the next day so for me it was a disappointment as it doesn’t protect from chipping but it’s drying was good if you wanted to use for just one day.

So get ready your nails for the party time and enjoy the New Year!




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